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Yo China! That's exactly what you would say if you had a bite of Yo China's delicious food! Its typical Chinese food at its best! Treat yourself to their yummy clay pot dishes like Mongolian chicken and Kung Pao vegetables. Also try their mouthwatering dimsums and chopsueys. You sure will be left asking for more! Head to Yo China today to treat your senses to tantalizing Chinese delicacies with their typical flavours and authentic taste!!

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Yo China restaurant reviews

  1. Deepti says:

    I had the most awesome meal at Yo China!! My cousins were here and I took them to Yo China for a treat! We all simply loved it! From the food to the ambience to the staff, everything was great! I specially loved the Mongolian chicken clay pot and veg chopsuey. I am definitely thinking of heading back there next week!! Good work guys!

  2. Rahul says:

    Yo China is truly a wonderful restaurant serving very delicious Chinese food. I had Chicken dimsums and Chicken Kung Pao claypot. It tasted yummy! I would recommend you all go there too and try out their dishes! I am sure you will relish it!!