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US Pizza creates magic with its pizza by having a desi touch. For all those calorie concious folks, US Pizza offers various salad treats as well.

While the pizzas are hot on the tongue its pleasingly cool on your pocket. The creative juices at US Pizza runs high with not only many original and yummy pizzas on offer but also a number of side dishes like garlic breads, pastas, soups and salads. US Pizza undoubtedly offers a global product with local flavors and desi pricing.

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  1. Piyali says:

    Dont confuse, US Pizza is not an American brand. It is as desi as it could get! A look at the menu and you would understand how much attention has been given to make pizzas suitable for the Indian taste. US Pizza offers a distinctly precise menu which appeals to the different tastes of India be it Gujarati, Punjabi, Chetinad or even pizza's with an international touch. US Pizza began its venture by opening its first outlet in Bangalore, with sheer hard work and discipline they have climbed up to become one of the most successful chains of restaurants. US pizza brings together refreshing tastes, creative menus and value for money delectable pizzas.

  2. US Pizza offers a global product with local flavors, Tastes apart US Pizza also cooked up diverse bases along with imported sauces and toppings and a mindboggling array of side dishes. US Pizza aims at delivering pizzas that are hot on the tongue and cool at the pockets, despite the imported products and high quality standards it is their value pricing that has given every customer to cheer about! It is perhaps the only restaurant which offers great value for money discounts. Like most of the other pizza outlets, US Pizza has bright and cheerful ambience. It is found mostly at HPCL outlets across the city. Though at times the delivery is slow the great pizzas kind of make up for it. There are differnt offers for dine in and deliveries. Usually the offers on dine in are better than those available for home deliveries. The service is decent, the waiters greet you with a smile and are courteous and extremely well trained.

  3. The menu at us pizza is exhaustive and offers a various range of dishes. This is probably the only restaurant which has dishes like the Jain Bread! In the veg section we have Chatpatta paneer Pizza, Balle balle Pizza, Mexican delight Pizza and the Mushroom Riot Pizza which are the most popular pizza. The non vegetarian section has the extremely popular Jalandhar Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Lucknow Chicken Keema Pizza and the Pepperoni Plus Pizza. While the non vegetarians love the Barbeque Wings, the vegetarians swear by the potato wedges and the veg lollipop! So, if you happen to be a person who loves pizzas and are bored with the offerings at the other pizza outlets, then Us Pizza is the place to go, you would surely love their pizza with a difference.

  4. Shekher Mishra says:

    We at our office were discussing pizzas one evening, when suddenly I received an sms from us pizza, "unlimited garlic bread, salad, pizzas and a brownie for Rs.145.00". It was just what we wanted, we called up US pizza to check if there was any catch in the promotional sms and they confirmed it was available only for dine in. We were 6 people and we all reached US pizza at around 8:30pm. Upon reaching we found that the place was completely empty, we became a bit skeptical why would someone offer unlimited pizzas for 145 and even then the place would be completely empty. Anyways we still decided to try out us pizza, we ordered for the unlimited pizza offer. The guy at us pizza informed us that the buffet price is 179 in the evening, we were surprised as we had checked with the call center minutes before leaving. We told the guy about our conversation with the call center but he insisted that the offer price is different for the evening, we were very disappointed, it was not about the extra money but the wrong information provided by us pizza call center. We still decided that we would try out us pizza, we did start on the wrong note. There were only 2 waiters at the outlet, and it appeared that the us pizza outlet was severely understaffed. It took quite some time for them to get the garlic breads, by that time we were so hungry that the breads disappeared in fraction of seconds :)... I must admit that the garlic breads tasted good, either it was actually good or we were too hungry to feel the taste. The second serving of the garlic bread again took a lot of time but it came in larger quantity so we were occupied for a longer time. The pizzas were served quite soon and we attacked on it as if there was no tomorrow! The poor guy at us pizza kept on refilling the plates and we ate almost like savages! The pizzas did taste good and thankfully there was no one else in the restaurant so we had the complete attention of the us pizza guys! The vegetarian bite pizza was amazing and so was the chatpata paneer. I dont quite remember the names of the non vegetarian pizzas but they were good too. The pizzas were fresh and the cheese was yummy! The service was slow and understandably so as there were only 2 guys at the us pizza outlet. We had also ordered for hariyali lollypop and tikka lollypop, they were good too. We kept on eating till we stuffed our self till the last speck of space available in our stomach. We paid the bill and returned, while on our way back we remembered that the guys at us pizza neither served our salad nor the brownie as mentioned in the buffet description :(. Well we were anyways too full but given the ravenous eaters we are... i am sure we would have finished them as well. Overall, the place was okay but the service was slow as it was severely understaffed. I am not sure how us pizza will handle an increase in walk-ins in their outlets anyways what matters most is the food and the garlic bread and the pizzas were good. Us pizza is definitely worth a visit.