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If you are a big fan of the Middle Eastern staple food, Shawarma, then you should head to the Shawarma king and you will not be disappointed. They have two outlets in Rajouri Garden.

For the meat eaters, they have a choice of Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Seekh Tawa and Gurda Kapoore. The Gurda Kapoore is especially a hot favourite. They wrap this up with the softest roomali rotis. A typical meal for two could cost Rs. 250. They also offer home delivery which is free for 3kms around the restaurant. So if your life is fast paced and you want to grab a quick, but very tasty bite, head over to Shawarma King!

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Shawarma King restaurant reviews

  1. Shawarma King - DDA Market, Rajouri Garden, Delhi NCR: Restaurant Reviews

    Abhishek Talwar

    Shawarma King is strictly for non-vegetarians. You can visit this place in the DDA Market of Rajouri Gardens. The Shawarma is a real popular dish - thin slices meat that is grilled and add up toppings and had like a roll. This is the Middle Eastern version of ‘meal on the go' that is really popular. This outlet however serves Chicken Seekh Tawa and Gurda Kapoore too. Gurda Kapoore here is one of the most expensive dishes and the most exotic. Various parts of the goat's body is placed and cooked till it becomes a homogenous mass of meat and spices. Try it for the experience and you wouldn't want to know what went into it.

  2. Sonal Chauhan

    Shawarma King in the DDA Market of Rajouri Gardens has its USP - very few restaurants in Delhi serve the Lahori Speciality of Gurda Kapoora. It is a delicacy for people who love it and it is an acquired taste. It has got goat liver and other parts (trust me you wouldn't want to know what) that are cooked and spliced so that they become a mish-mash of masala and meat. At 120 Rs its definitely not cheap but then you only live once. Try it and you'll thank me if you like the taste. Have it with their rumali roti for a very different experience.

  3. Bhairav Kapoor

    Shopping is a pain and by the end of it you are totally drained and want to fortify your body with something heavy before heading back home. This is exactly what my state was this Saturday. We stopped by the Shawarma King in Rajouri Gardens. My cousin is a big fan of their Shawarma and insisted that I try them. I instead ordered for their grilled chicken that was very nice and tasty. I did take a bite of the Shawarma and thought it was very average fare. I think this place needs to improve the quality and looks of their signature dish if they want more clientele.

  4. Shravan Dasgupta

    I have had Shawarma in Egypt and Bahrain where I was working for sometime. An Indian take on it would be interesting I thought. The first big difference was the meat used. There most preffered meat is mutton but here its made out of Chicken. The versions I've had had thin slices of meat in pita bread with hummus and pickles. This was a very different version - wrapped in a roti.. Guess there are different interpretation to all dishes. But at 40 bucks most can try it out at least once for the experience. Visit the Shawarma King in the DDA market of Rajouri Gardens.

  5. Shawarma King - Main Market, Rajouri Garden, Delhi NCR: Restaurant Reviews

    Suresh Damodar

    I came upon the Shawarma King outlet in Rajouri garden while i was searching for wraps and shawarmas on justeat. The price of rs 40 seemed good enough and so ordered 5 chicken shawarmas for me and hostel mates. The food came in about 1 hour. The delivery person called a few times in between to get the address correct but inspite of all that he landed up just when our patience was going to run out. The chicken shawarmas was very good and all of us like it. And the price makes it doubly attractive. Will be ordering from this outlet more often.

  6. Nita Malhotra

    Shawarma king is good place for chicken shawarmas as they make it very well. I have not gone there and dont know where they are in rajouri garden. I got the number from a friend in the neighbouring room and ordered chicken shawarma cos she recommended it. I hadnt eaten this dish ever before and was slightly confused about ordering. But in any case she said she will also join and we ordred four shawarma as it was about 3 o clock and we both were very hungry. The person came with the package and probably because i was hungry it tasted great. This is a great dish and this outlet makes it well.