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Pizza Corner serves one of the healthiest pizzas among all other pizza outlets. It creates those finger licking pizzas, pastas and connizas by the usage of fresh ingredients and innovative techniques. The difference between Pizza Corner and the other pizza outlets is the Pizza Corner Experience!

Pizza Corner has a number of outlets in Bangalore covering all the major areas. To make their offering even better Pizza Corner has numerous offers to tickle your taste buds. With great pizzas, offers and a very prompt home delivey Pizza Corner is a must try for all you Pizza lovers.

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Pizza Corner restaurant reviews

  1. Piyali says:

    Pizza Corner is one of the finest restaurants serving delectable Pizzas. Though it has much fewer outlets than its competitors, the Pizzas served here tell a complete different story! Pizza corner is perhaps the only outlet which has mastered the art of serving Pizzas suiting the Indian taste. Continuous innovation along with excellent ingredients result in Pizzas which are not only superior in quality but also in taste.

    One look at the menu and you can guess that the menu has been prepared meticulously and that this is the place where customers from all parts of India are welcome. Unlike any other pizza outlets, Pizza corner serves its specialty dish conizza. So, if you are really busy and are on the go, you can enjoy the yummy conizza without soiling your hands! Apart from being the place which serves one of the best pizzas, Pizza Corner is also the place where you get an amazingly fast and friendly service. Though it has much fewer outlets than some other pizza chains, Pizza corner delivers Pizza in almost all the areas of Bangalore and Chennai and while doing so, Pizza corner also gurantees of delivering piping hot pizzas on time!

    The outlets are bright and cheerful and the waiters very helpful and friendly. For dine in they have a variety of drinks to go along with the Pizzas. Some of the Pizza Corner outlets also have the Cream and Fudge counter. For those who are unaware of Cream and Fudge, they are one of the best places for a variety of ice creams! Together, pizza corner and cream and fudge offer an experience to remember. The Pizza Corner outlets are also perfect for birthday parties, specially for kids, thanks to their amazing offers and menu options. Summing up, dine in at Pizza Corner is a very pleasing experience and hence definitely worth a visit. If you are not in the mood to venture out due to the incessant traffic jams, then try their home delivery service and you would be surely left surprised at the amazingly fast service. In other words you are guranteed of superior quality pizzas delivered at your door step on time.

    A meal for 2 at Pizza corner costs around Rs.250, the taste and the amazing experience makes it worth every penny. Do try out Pizza Corner and you would definitely not regret!

  2. Chandy says: Location and ambiance :

    Pizza is one of the most popular dish world wide. Pizza corner is present in many places in Bangalore. They have their branches all over Bangalore (except in electronic city). The outlets do not have valet parking so we have to be aware of parking our vehicles. Other than that most of the pizza corner outlets are easy to find. All the pizza corner outlets in Bangalore looks and smells exactly the same everywhere. There will be chairs or laze on a sofa at the end of the hall. I prefer the sofa for myself. The walls in pizza corner are decorated with many posters and advertising/up selling things.

  3. Starters :

    In starters, i like their garlic bread with some chilly flakes and seasonings they provide in the cute little things. The garlic bread one portion has 4 pieces which is enough for one person as starters. They also have cheese garlic bread with toppings and with chilli. Which will cost around 35-50 depending on the variety you order. Other things available in starters are potato wedges, Sausage/veggie Focaccia, chicken wings etc. The potato wedges are also very good, though i haven't tried other starters yet.

  4. Salads and others:

    couple of salads are available in veg and non-veg. I love to have my favorite Greek salads with dressing and mayonnaises. Which cost around 60. Other than that they have pasta ( veg/ non-veg both are available), lasagne, conizza (which is like a pizza in small cone size), fotizza, sandwizza, calzone etc. I found they are quiet heavy as we are going to have pizza at the end. I always avoid lasagne and for my starters i like to stick to my favorite garlic breads.

  5. Pizzas:

    In pizza corner there are so many of pizza to choose from. There is no extra charge for the deep pan or thin crust as other restaurants do. The toppings are also very good, I am just listing here some which i like the best.

  6. Veggie:

    Paneer Makhani Pizza :

    This is my all time favorite in pizza corner. Even though i am non-vegetarian I always love having paneer makhni pizza. This is a a traditional recipe with paneer, tomatoes and green chillies with loads of makhni sauce and cheese. It is a mouth watering veggie pizza tuned to the Indian taste (i love spicy pizza so i always ask with spicy pizza sauce)... just melts in mouth.

  7. Veg Extravaganza Pizza:

    This is also a very yummy pizza from veggie menu, 7 topping extravaganza with onion, capsicum, baby corn, barbeque mushroom, tomatoes, jalapenos, sliced olives and cheese.

  8. Non-veg:

    super combo pizza

    This is the pizza i like one of most in pizza corner. A popular combination of chicken tikka, chicken salami and lamb pepperoni topped with onion, capsicum and loads of cheese. This pizza already has got loads of cheese but still i like to have extra cheese on that so it becomes even special for me as i am the cheese lover.

  9. Hawaiian:

    My all time favorite, it is very simple actually, just chicken ham and pine-apple. But when you put some chilli flakes on that yummy pineapple, then it is out of this world! I usually order this one with extra cheese as well, which is when it becomes tastier than anything else.

  10. Drinks and dessert :

    In the drinks menu they have got the normal thing like soft drinks and all. And for dessert they have ice-cream, choco nut brownies and some kind banana fudges and etc. I am not really on to the dessert in pizza corner because the garlic bread and one pizza makes me so full.

  11. Home delivery:

    They have home deliveries facility for those who would like to enjoy their pizza at home. I have ordered so many times for home delivery. When it is raining and all i can't afford to go to the store and they don't charge any extra for delivery.

  12. Overall:

    I think pizza corner is the best place to hang around with friends and family. They have got good ambience, nice music, friendly environment and nice staff. Some branches are even kids friendly and you can organize kids birthday parties as well. They please kids with their kid's pizza, kids meal, potato ABCs etc. Over all we just love pizza so we don't need to have any excuse to go pizza corner!!!