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Papa Johns superior quality pizzas and legendary customer service has led to a string of accolades in many countries. If you relish pizzas then Papa Johns is the place to go! The use of better pizza ingredients and techniques results in truly mouth watering pizzas.

Living up to its name, Papa Johns in India has created a niche of its own by offering innovative desserts and side dishes along with its trademark pizzas. Place online orders for home delivery to Papa Johns and avail exclusive discounts on those yummy pizzas.

Papa Johns has now introduced a new pizza that will tantalize your taste buds like never before. The all new Spicy Pepper Roast pizza is hand-tossed, with original crust and topped with spicy pepper roast sauce and equally delicious toppings (crunchy onions, green peppers, tomatoes and cheese). It comes with special spicy roast paneer or chicken. Also indulge yourself into Verry Berry Pie. Luscious berries in a sweet compote spread on Papa John’s authentic thin dough, topped with a crunchy mix.

As an introductory offer, you can relish the Spicy Pepper Roast pizza and a Verry Berry Pie for Rs. 400 only. So hurry and order this unique flavour now.

Operational timings at Papa Johns
Coupons accepted by Papa Johns
11:00 AM to 10:30 PM
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Min. Order for Home Delivery at Papa Johns
Credit Cards accepted by Papa Johns
Rs. 150
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Papa Johns reviews

  1. Piyali says:

    Papa johns is the third largest chain of restaurants in the world and has been ranked No 1 in customer satisfaction for nine consecutive years. I am a pizza fanatic and was eagerly waiting for a Papa Johns outlet to open near my house. I had heard that Papa johns specializes in consolidating the best pizzas possible by manufacturing their own crust freshly made at the outlets and procuring ingredients which have been customized to soothe the taste buds. Ever since I first visited Papa Johns, it has almost become a synonym to food for me.

  2. Papa Johns has a well distinguished menu with savories blended to perfection only with a view of ensuring customer delight with every product they deliver. The customer�s priority is paid more attention to by papa john�s as they give the guest a chance to customize their own pizza with any toppings they desire and a new age pizza size called mama mia which comfortably serves 5, all this and more is what one can expect from papa john�s at very reasonable prices! The Garlic parmesan breadsticks is by far the best breadsticks I have ever had, they taste even better when home delivered as the breadsticks absorb the butter and in the process become an absolute delight to eat. Every dish in the menu is worth a try and you can be guranteed that it tastes fresh and yummy each time. However all is not well at Papa Johns as the delivery takes a lot of time, there has been times when my pizza was delivered in more than an hour. While my stomach did grumble a lot but the amazing pizzas made sure it was silenced! Typical of any pizza outlet, Papa Johns as well runs a number of offers at any given time. The offers on home delivery are always better than those available for dine in (probably the reason why the outlets usually wear deserted looks every day).

  3. The interiors of Papa Johns are clean with minimalistic design and very comfortable seatings. It is in stark contrast to the bright interiors of its competitors. There are enough options on the menu for both veg and non veg foodies, my personal favorite being the Veggie Barbecue and Papa'a paneer. The non veggies need not fret, for the chicken strips is good, the Keema keema, Murg Hindustani and Papa's Tikka are also yummy. Although after the breadsticks and the pizzas there is little room for desserts but the Very berry Pie is just too good to be left out. Some more options in the desserts would surely be a big plus.

  4. While the quality of food served by Papa Johns is second to none, the service is somewhat lacking. Papa Johns could also look at adding more offers for the dine in, since the outlets are usually not crowded this would surely help in attracting more pizza lovers. The overall experience at Papa Johns is good and is surely a place worth a visit. The deliveries are some what a problem, so order in advance and enjoy the food.

  5. I had heard a lot about papa johns from my friends who had been to mumbai and when I saw the papa johns outlet on my way to my new workplace I promised myself a treat. My stomach is usually not subjected to the so called "junk food" but when it does, I make sure that I silence it for a long time :). So after my first day at work, I came home and left on the mission to eat savagely at papa johns with my hopelessly health conscious liutenent i.e my wife. The place bore a deserted look at 8:30pm, it was probably so because its a new place. After being seated on the surprisingly comfortable sofas, we scanned the mammoth menu and ordered a parmesian garlic breadsticks. The staff was very polite and took our order patiently (we debate a lot before we place any order, democracy rules!). It was almost the end of the world when we were served our garlic breadsticks but the taste of it really made up for the delay. Papa johns garlic bread was unarguably the best I have eaten at any of the other pizza outlets!

  6. While we were at the garlic bread sticks we ordered a medium rainbow veggie ( yes you guessed it right, we are veggies). We assumed papa johns would take eternity to prepare the rainbow pizza. We ordered some drinks to sip and went on another waiting mode. The papa johns staff did not let us down, we did wait till our garlic breadsticks had completely digested. Finally the rainbow pizza arrived, the first bite of it and it was sooo yummy that I almost forgot my physical existence ( a little too dramatic.. but yes the pizza was really very nice). Since my wife did not really indulge herself beyond a bite, I had the sole responsibility of finishing off the wonderful pizza, which I did and ordered a veggie barbeque ( the pizza for one size). This pizza came quite fast and i finished it off even faster. My stomach till then was praying for mercy and I was forced to relent. It was an excellent experience at Papa Johns. Though the service was slow, the wonderful pizzas made up for the delay. I am now a regular at Papa Johns. The home delivery from papa johns is much better, the offers are better and Just Eat is there to make my meal lazier :). I would surely recommend papa johns pizza!

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