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Mast Kalandar is one of the very few places in Bangalore which serves authentic North Indian food. If you are looking for a quick and healthy bite then Mast Kalandar is the place to be. Mast Kalandar offers value for money combo, be it the paratha combo or the rice combo, the variety and taste will leave you wanting for more.

Mast Kalandar makes an optimum use of oil in their food preparation without compromising on the taste. With outlets in almost all the major areas in Bangalore, Mast Kalandar is surely worth a visit.

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Mast Kalandar reviews

  1. Piyali says:

    Mast Kalandar is the pioneer in introducing healthy pure vegetarian north Indian food to Bangalore. Gone are the days when north Indian, typically punjabi food was the epitome of loads of oil, spices, ghee, paneer and butter. If you are looking for hygienic and healthy, away from home yet homely, less oily yet tasty, less costly yet no cheap, then mast Kalandar is just the right choice.

    The paranthas are less oily yet spicy. The Rajma chawal, pindi chole, daal makhnaai, sinful punjabi paneer, patiyala chaas reminds you of authentic Punjabi cuisine while the Ram gatta, ghantaghar ki kadhi,daal rajasthaani, ram khichadi savors to the taste of oriental rajasthaani/marwaari food.

    The ambience and the interiors of Mast Kalandar consists of hues of orange and yellow, which reminds you of your college canteens, but this is not just a bachelor's joint, its a complete family restaurant. The quality of service is equally good and the staff and the manager are quite professional and friendly. The Mast Kalandar chain is located across Bangalore in koramangala, Bannerghata Road, Indira Nagar, BTM , ORR, Church Street etc. Home deliveries and takeaway is also available.

  2. The menu at Mast Kalandar consists of Alacarte and combo meals.

    Alacarte consists of a variety of starters, chaats, curries, rice, breads, drinks & deserts to choose from. On the starter menu,you can find tandoori kebabs. The aloo sikandri tastes awesome so do the whole platter which includes aloo, paneer tikka & subj sikh kebab. Rice lovers will find biryani with a twist, tadka daal chawal, chole chawal, rajma chawal,kadhi chawal and khichdi to choose from...

    In breads will be the parathas, roti and naans...

    Curries includes veg of the day, paneer, chole , varieties of daal, kadhi etc.

    The paratha combos are a must try. Parathas are accompained vth raita, daal makhani, chutney and salad. Apart from the regular aloo, gobhi, mix veg parathas, you can find some delicious combinations of maithe paneer corn, cheese and spring onion or mirchi... paushtik paratha is also there with sprouts filling. The cost ranges from 65-99 rs.

  3. The hulka phulka thaali is hulka phulka on the budget and health, but bhaari on taste. A must try if you are looking for a whole meal. it comes in 3 varieties HP1,2, or 3. The daily goers feed on Hulka phulka. . The cost ranges from 65-105 for these.

    Then there are rice combos and curry combos. They serve some daily special combos like baingan bharta with jowar/ bajra roti.

    Every thing comes in the range of Rs. 65-125. Taxes extra.

    For the drinks, the shikanji at mast Kalandar is a must try, if you like the sweet and salty taste of lemon water and jaljeera. The Mango lassi is heavenly. The deserts includes hot gulabjaamuns, malpue, rabdi, icecreams and halwa.

    Any food you try, any combo you order, you can still find a more healthier option at Mast Kalandar, let it be the paushtik paratha or the options as bajra or jowar or whole wheat rotis.

  4. One thing I miss here is they don't have tawa parathas to offer, they only serve tandoori parathas. The alacarte menu is costlier as compared to the combo meals by a fair margin owing to the cost of one phulka which is around 18 Rs, but a meal for two costs you a decent 150-200 bucks which is worth a try for the mouth watering and healthier option. On weekends better book the table in advance to avoid waiting in queue , also check the menu in advance on Just Eat to get your order on table asap.

    Overall a decent experience on account of ambience, budget, service, location and the taste of food offered.

  5. Suketu says:

    Authenticity at its best is what you can expect from mast kalandar. Being one of the largest chain of restaurants in Bangalore it brings together rarity in savor and a menu that offers to you a combination of mouth watering parathas, dal chawal and signature starters which gives you a pure taste of food from the north. Mast kalandar gives its customers everything they deserve for. Besides the fact that Mast Kalandar offer 100% pure vegetarian food, they stress on creating each dish with great concern to its customers health. Thats right, if you yearn for healthy and yet tasty food then Mast Kalandar is surely the place where you should head to.

  6. Mast kalandar offers you high standards of food quality and genuine service at very economic prices! The home delivery service though very slow and a little expensive due to the packaging and the numerous taxes is one of the most sought out eatable among my friends. The food delivered is neatly packed and one can eat without the need to make your hands messy. This is one thing which every professional loves if they need a quick meal at work! Mast kalandar is probably the only restaurant which served traditional indian food in such hygenic containers. This kind of service was expected only from the pizza outlets! The food at mast kalandar comprises of various rice and paratha combos. The parathas are made in the tandoor and hence they have only sufficient oil as is required for the taste to be good. In other words those who avoid parathas for the fear of them being oily, mast kalandar is surely the place to be. The food though very simple and common is presented and cooked in a real innovative way, the preparation makes those sinful punjabi dishes quite healthy and yet retains the yummy taste. If what I have written above sounds too good to be true, just try mast kalandar once and the food will speak for itself!

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