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An exquisite boutique of multi brand liquor brought under one name Madhuloka, Operating in a channel of 8 stores across the City Madhuloka is the pioneer of high profile liquor shops in the city!

Madhuloka was established to reduce the complexity of ordering Alcohol and like everything else in life we aim at giving you a pleasant experience of purchase. We have the most sophisticated and prolific means of buying liquor cutting out all the drawbacks of the local bar's such as rush, duplication and chaos!

We have worlds finest and rarest blends of alcoholic beverages which can be delivered right at your door step.

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  1. Bhushan says:

    Madhuloka is certainly the best example for modernization in bangalore, one has to be really grateful to have such well decked liquor boutique in the area which not only has an array of all the best brands of liquor but also delivers it right to your door step. Madhuloka is a remarkable achievement to the establisher`s as they are for sure the best place to order liquor from as the stores cuts out all drawbacks of the local wine vendors.

  2. I am a resident of HSR Layout and occasionally like to have a couple of pegs of whiskey or something of the kind and usually am restrained to go into the crowded bars in the locale and it was always a chaotic situation in there. But ever since i found Madhuloka it was a real relief to me and to add more to my happiness i was rather glad that they regular would deliver to me. Beside the alcohol there are quite a few snacks and juices available and i recently got to know that the guys also sell smokes. Madhuloka is definitely the best place you can be at to purchase liquor and its really amazing to have a modernized bar around my place!