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Chicago's Pizza is fast growing take- away pizza chain in Delhi-NCR region, having introduced a fresh new concept in Pizza delivery - super fast takeaways. Customize your own pizza with your own choice of veg/non veg toppings over a ready basic cheese slice. Wait for the toppings to get baked and your pizza is ready soon unlike the usual 40 minute wait time in the other pizzerias. Take your pick from vegetarian toppings such as Pineapple, Jalapeno, Olives and non-veg ones like Mutton Seekh, Smoked Chicken Breast and Pepperoni. The portion size is enough for a single person but for a party you can order the entire 18 inch pizza too.

Operational timings at Chicago Pizza
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11:00 AM to 10:30 PM
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Min. Order for Home Delivery at Chicago Pizza
Credit Cards accepted by Chicago Pizza
Rs. 300
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Chicago Pizza Delhi reviews

Chicago's Pizza, Connaught Place, Delhi: Restaurant Profile

Vivek Narayan

I am a book enthusiast and like this Harper Collins Books store in the Connaught Place inner circle. It is sort of an exclusive store and you get almost all their titles on the catalog. Once after doing mu routine at the store, which includes gazing at the titles, but nit buying any ?, he he, i just thought will take a stroll in the inner ring. It was then that i saw this crowd in front of the Chicago's Pizza outlet. I was hungry seeing the place and decided to go and order and soon got a barbeque chicken pizza in hand..the initial bites scaled my mouth and so i waited for some more time..then after that when i tasted it was one of the best slices i had ever in my life..ordered one more and god what a discovery that day. Now whenever i go to Connaught place, most often also stop by at Chicago's Pizza.

Jasjeet Kaur

The first time i went to Connaught place, i was amazed by the sheer immensity of the shopping this whole the area designed in two concentric circles, you can sometimes get lost going between the inner and outer circles. And you can get tired with all those walking..that day we were doing small purchases here and there and were generally passing time that suddenly all of us were feeling very hunger. We had to get to dwarka by 3 so didint have the time for a dine in was then that one of us who was a delhi resident took us to this Chicago's Pizza outlet, which actually was quite near to where we were standing in the inner circle. We ordered a variety of slice pizza and it was very good and tasty. Really enjoyed the experience.

Sweta Shetty

Since my bf works with Hindustan times, i sometimes come go over to Connaught place there to join day we were to meet for lunch and i got out of the train and was just strolling aimlessly in the inner circle waiting for him..he suddenly called on to say that his boss had called an urgent meeting and he would get delayed some more time..i was angry cos i was very hungry..then he called back and told me to take a slice pizza from Chicago's Pizza in the A block. Said that it would keep my hunger at bay. Since it was not far i went there and seeing the crowd was impressed. Took a paner capsicum onion pizza..Ummmmm super one it was..enjoyed it like anything and when he got back ask me where did we eat the full lunch??? He he

Madhulika Baijal

I like going to Connaught place..i like tha atmosphere, the variety of shops. You can get variety of food, do shopping, have large milk shakes and basically have a fun time. And there is the convenient metro which drops you right at the middle of the Connaught place. cool isn't day i and three friends were generally having a good time checking out the various denim stores including pepe from where all of us bought T's and a denim and by the end of it we were all tired and hungry. One of us suggested having pizza at Chicago's pizza across the other block and though we were tired because of her enthusiasm we decided to walk there. Got there and ordered two five veg toppings pizza and jalapeno olive pizza which were an absolute delight and worth our walk carrying all the bags.

Chicago's Pizza, Greater Kailash 1, Delhi: Restaurant Profile

Umesh Kumar

I am a great fan of pizza but unlike other hard core pizza enthusiasts who swear by a particular chain, i tend to look it pizza as a variety of experiences. It was then one day that that my colleague at work place talked about an amazing pizza slices that he had at Chicago Pizza at Greater Kailash. He normally hypes up whatever he says but i was not very inclined to believe him. But nonetheless when i was passing by M block market and since it was anyway lunchtime, i couldn't help to go there and try the pizza there. And good god, what tasty pizza it was. I tried two varieties, the five non veg topping pizza and smoked chicken breast pizza and both were outstanding. Will be going here very oftn now!!

Ajay Awasti

I work in a small advertising agency near Greater Kailash. We recently have got lot of clients and sometimes the work presseure in the evening is just is a lot of dog work..the marketing manager would wake up with his suggestion and feedback in the evening and it is us poor folks who has to implement and execute in sitting in the night..since generally four-five of us are always at the office in the doing the artworks we generally order pizza of something..recently on of the junior designer brought some take away from this same place called Chicago's Pizza. Great pizza's they were and we all loved it..sometimes though by the time it reaches office it gets cold and taste bad..but when it is the right temperature nothing matches it .

Anupam Anand

We came upon this place by chance for we started drinking beer early in the afternoon. Nothing like beer in the afternoon. The hot sun outside and cold beer inside..nothing beats it. Anyways after that me and flatmate slept through the day and when woke up was damn hungry. I something that day felt like ordering pizza. Maybe i was lazy or something. But he was more enthu and dragged me with him towards GK1 M block whre i saw this Chicago's Pizza. Another pizza chain i thout. Domios, Pizza Hut, Papa Jones and this one and that one..what will be new with this one i thought. My friend went inside and came out with chicken and port pizzas. Superb they were and absolutely loved them. Nowadays we order of do a take awy before beer sessions. Have almost cut down on other pizza's too.

Sona Dutta

Recently i and friend ordered some pizza's through justeat..she had done it before and basiacally was showing me how convenient it really is..i was sceptical..told her why not just pick up the phone and order. She told me its even more simpler and can avoid the pain of talking to any moron at the other end of the line. Anyways we ordered one onion capsicum chicken tikka combo, one garlic bread with chesee and five veg topping pizza from this place called Chicago's Pizza at Greater Kailash 1. I was thinking that we might be over ordering and but she said no no, i t will be alright. waited for the stuff to sure did come in about 35 mins and i was surprised at the quantify. It was just right for the both of us. Everything from garlic bread to pizza's were awesome..will be doing this again.

Chicago's Pizza, Rajouri Garden, Delhi: Restaurant Profile

Srinath Balan

Went recently to this Chicago's Pizza outlet near the New Institute of Professional Studies. My friend had actually took me there, for he wanted to have slice pizza. I am a great fan of Pizza Hut for i like their pizza and garlic bread very much. He asked me my preferences in pizza, chicken, mutton, veg etc and i told him that i normally order slightly spicy chicken pizza only. He asked me to wait in the car and about 15-20 mins back came carrying a small box like packet. Got in the car and gave it to me..i was surpised. A pizza so fast. He asked me to try and it was very hot and i burnt my mouth, but later when i had it completely it was a super taste indeed. Now my loyalties are split between pizza hut and chicago's pizza.

Mithun sehgal

I recently lost my wallet. I don't know where i lost it, in bus or auto and was feeling miserable because it had about 1500 in cash and also had all my card, PAN card, debit cards etc. I had lost all hope of getting it back, but towards evening i got a call and the person asked me my name and when i told him that said that he had my wallet. I was overjoyed and when asked where i could meet him. He told me to come at the gurudvara singh sabha in Rajori Garden near major sudesh kumar road, where he promptly came at 6.30 and gave me back my wallet. I offered him some money to express my gratitude but the good singh ji he was refused so at last managed to persuade him to pizza slices at Chicago's Pizza which were obviously good. So now when i go there i get this memory also.

Smita Dhingra

I have eaten sliced take away pizza's from Chicago's Pizza at Rajouri Garden. The first time when i went with group of friends the hotness nearly scalded my mouth. But after that 1st time experience, i have been enjoying the stuff they make. I have eaten almost all their vegetrain and non vegetrain slices excluding the ham and pork varieties. I would not say that it i so outstanding to overtake pizza hut and papa jones, but yes it is comparable taste wise. And you cn actually eat the amount that you really want to, and don't have to over stuff yourself when some thing is left.

Suraj Dasgupta

Yes this Chicago's Pizza at Rajouri Garden is a convenient place to have a quick bite without burning your pocket. And i think they use good and quality ingredients cos, it always tastes very good. I have tried chicken and mutton varieties in non-vegetarian and always got good cooked and delicious slices. Have also tried their 4 piece garlic bread and to me at Rs. 50, its the most economical thing you can get. Likewise the pizza slices are also between Rs. 70 and Rs. 90 making it a affordable joint. I have tried their home delivery, but its not so reliable as sometimes the food came really late. It no fun having a pizza which has lost its hotness. !!

Chicago's Pizza, Saket, Delhi: Restaurant Profile

Mausam Patkar

It was a few weeks back when we had just come outside PVR saket after a movie and all of us were very hungry. Normally we have the rolls which you get nearby, but this time none of us wanted the standard stuff and all were in a mood to experiment. We didn't want to sit down and eat, so none of the restaurants was an option. So Soni suggested this Chicago's Pizza which he said served sliced pizza's. We went there on our bikes and ordered a variety of pizza' which got reasonably fast. I relished the Onion Mutton Keema Pizza i ordered. Yes the taste was too good to be true.

Garima Biswas

I stay in Saket while my bf stays in lajpat nagar. So we meet up at Select citywalk mall when he tries to come and meet me in the evenings. We have been to almost all the restaurant and fast food outlets in this place and guess where do we go the maximum these days?? This Chicago's Pizza is a real convenient joint where you can get done with your hunger very quickly. I have tried most of the varieties including onion capsicum pizza, jalapeno olive pizza, jalapeno capsicum onion pizza but the five veg topping is my favourite one. You also get a nice drink called gingerfizz which goes well with the pizzas.

Atul Mehra

Bhag Bhag DK Bose..Bhag Bhaaaag ....Bhag Bhaaaaag. It was after the movie and we were all in an energetic mood. Took our bikes and went to select city mail in saket. Thought we will buy couple of T- shirts and chill machao for some more before turning to home. I bought a green funky T and by that time it was evening and so we thought will get a quick snack before home. What best place to go than this Chicago's Pizza. Ordered some chicken and mutton pizza's and best they were. Careful you risk burning your mouth if you bite in too early. But one thing i can promise is that it will be one of the best bites of your life.

Manjeet Singh

I read the above reviews and my experience is somehow very different. I had gone to this Chicago's Pizza at select city mall in saket. The service is not very fast and all. I ordered chicken pizza in two varieties and we had to wait some time, not over the counter quickness and all. And once we got the pizza's and started eating, i was not too impressed with the whole thing. Had better pizzas at standard outlets like Papa jones and there you get good service also. This place is only for those always time bachauu people who will be satisfied with anything hot in their mouth.

Chicago's Pizza, Tagore Garden, Delhi: Restaurant Profile

Maithili Jaykar

This Chicago's pizza outlet in Tagore Garden at Pacific Mall is a great place to go when you want to quickly say bye bye to your hunger.. And the best thing is that you can doing it through. Who said pizza can't be prepared in less then 20 minutes..this is whet this outlet do. And they have quite a variety on offer. From onion capsicum and paneer capsicum ones in veg and chicken ad mutton varieties in non veg. These days when i come around this side, i just walk in to order the taste i want. Ad they cook and pack it in a neat 5-10 minutes. Great isn't it??!!

Roshni Madhav

We normally come here at Chigago's pizza at Tagore Gardenafter school and its a great to hang out munching on such tasty pizzas. Though i normally take vegetarian ones, i think the non vegetarian ones are tasty too for my friends have been ordering them in heaps. Sure its a short walk from the school in the opposite direction, but then its worth it. For such cheesey delicious pizza's you won't get anywhere. And they give it real fast also..normally when we go its not very crowded and maybe thats the reason why we get it so fast. Funny why its not so well heard like the other pizza chains?

Ankit Sinha

I have ordered take away from this Chicago's Pizza at Tagore Garden. The process is simple enough as they say, but sometimes the restaurants goof up and then don't own up the mistake. Last time me and wife ordered two chicken pizza slices, a barbeque one and a smoked breast one. We then came back to the car to enjoy the food. But when we started eating, while my slice was decently hot, my wife's had actually got cold. Tell me, how can you eat a cold pizza. I didn't have the energy to go back and argue with the outlet, so we in the end split up my pizza. Such things are not good and will always leave a bad impression.

Nikhil Arora

This is a nice concept and i wonder why the other pizza chains are not implementing it. Get a slice of your tasty pizza so quickly, instead of sitting and waiting for it. I think pizza is a fast food which should be delivered quickly. This is what this Chicago's pizza does. Having ordered take aways from this place multiple times i can vouce for one thing, they do everything fast, but never compromise on taste. In fact the pizza's are the best chicken or vegetarian ones, even better than the main stream outlet. Im sure this concept will catch up fast or the other chains will start implementing it vigorously.

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