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Posted on April 04, 2009 by admin

You might be wondering what this “Big Foodies Meet” is… well we invited some of our most early patrons to a fabulous restaurant called Kyra at Indiranagar (a newly launched restaurant in Indiranagar which has a wonderful ambiance and specializes in delectable North West Frontier cuisine).

It was a pretty energetic talk with some debate, a lot of new ideas, and numerous inputs.  We were super happy to have the foodies who could join us and their enthusiasm was envious!  We got to hear some very useful inputs on response to the changes in the site and the service over the last two years.  We also realized how important it is to see everything from your eyes as well (quite literally when talking about a website).

Mr. Ram talking about his fabulous restaurant

This post will detail some of the changes we are introducing based on the feedback gathered at our Foodies Meet.

1 : We must admit this was a basic feature which was missing. Now you can remember yourself on your Computer.

Snap shot of login page

2 : Many features “like saving your favorite restaurant, saving favorite orders, saving last visited restaurants etc” were available on the website but were not implicitly visible. In order to make such useful features easily available, we have modified the home page visible to the user after logging in. Please find a snap shot of the home page below:

Snap shot of the user’s home page, visible after login

How to use the features mentioned above:

  • My Favorites: A user can add a restaurant to his favorites. To add a restaurant to your favorites visit the menu page of the restaurant. Clicking on the link similar to the one encircled below would add the restaurant to your favorites.
  • A snapshot of a restaurant’s menu page. The encircled link is visible only to a logged in user

  • Visiting any restaurant’s menu page would add the restaurant to your last visited restaurants list. This can contain a maximum of 5 last visited restaurants.
  • If you are one of those users who order the same food every day, then you can save the order and place a re-order without repeating the entire process of searching/ choosing restaurants/ dishes again.

A host of very useful features are available in “Edit Your Details” Page.

  • Your recent 5 search keywords are saved.
  • If you were not able to complete placing an order, the order is saved in your incomplete orders list and you can continue with the order without having to redo any steps.

A snapshot of the “My Details Page”. Visible only to a logged in user.

Do give these features a spin and let us know your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to give us a shout for something you hate and would like us to change.

We would thank all our users who came to the “Foodies Meet”, we apologize if we missed to invite our other regular folks, stay tuned for a similar meet soon. If you would want to attend our Foodies Meet in future do send us a mail => foodies at Hungrybangalore dot com. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Shruti says:

    please try Caperberry: Restaurant and Tapas Lounge for your next meet.

    Surely wont be disspointed.

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