I’m A Woman – Hear Me ROAR! 2

Posted on March 08, 2012 by admin

Hats off to all mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends, and (girl) friends for making the world more beautiful!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Now, now… Let’s not get into the same old “Women’s Day? Let’s scream BACHAO! HELP!” call to action! Give it a break! A lot is already being done to empower women, and yes, let’s do every bit we can to improvise the implementation. But please! Let’s not stage the “Damsel in distress, who needs saving – by a Prince Charming or by (spare us the horror) G-One”!

Surely, the women of today can stand up for themselves, and it is THIS that the Women’s Day enunciates. Bring it on with an “I’m a woman – hear me ROAR!”

Be they urban or rural, women are a personification of sheer all-round management and ceaseless human spirit. They are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends, colleagues, and (girl) friends, but primarily, they are women, they are individuals, and this calls for a celebration!

Be it a sword, a pen, a laptop, a frying stick, a spade, or even a pilot’s cockpit that women hold, they are powerful, they are a beauty in nature, they are here to rule the world!

So to honor those “hands which rock the cradle and rule the world”, we organized a little function in our office today.We had a small quiz, just for ladies. Here are the pics.

Beauties waiting with bated breath for quiz

winner Sumouli being butchered by our Dada :-)

Sumouli getting her prize for winning the quiz :-)

Cake time

Poor Cake after its mutilation :-)

By the way, after we handed over the prize to our winner, most common refrain from guys was, “When is the International Men’s Day?” :-)


JusEat team


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  1. Abdur Raquib says:

    Nice celebration…!!!

  2. Wow its a great celebration… and congrats to u rubun…

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