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Its Time, To Be Heard. 0

Posted on August 30, 2010 by admin

We have just stepped up our intent to serve the hungry Bangalore(ans)!! We believe it’s time to be heard and what better way than to be on Radio!!

Catch us on RadioONE starting tomorrow. Lots of contests, loads of offers and tons of exciting prizes to be won!!

So, catch the fever on RadioONE and let us know what you think on feedback at Hungryzone.com

Thanks for all the support.


Team Hungryzone.com

Be Informed, Be Sure – Intuitive Delivery Timings Incorporated… 0

Posted on August 27, 2010 by admin

It has been our persistent efforts to understand the needs of our customers and address the same with utmost importance.

As you are aware, for every order a customer places with us, we make sure to keep him/her informed about the details of the same by sending out “Order confirmation email and SMS”.

We waited long enough to collect the data to be fed into our algorithm, which calculates a more precise delivery time based on the historic data (collected based on restaurant – delivery area – delivery timing – peak / normal day”) to come with a more precise and realistic delivery time and incorporated the same as Approximate home delivery time on our restaurant and menu pages what we now like to call as “I-delivery time” (stands for – Intuitive delivery time. The order confirmation mail though, included a more generic approximate delivery time.

It is time that we take this initiative to the next level and we are happy to inform you that the order confirmation mail you receive for any order placed from now on, will include the realistic, i-delivery time. Keeping in mind those who are unable to log on to check the details of the order placed, we have also included the i-delivery time in the Order confirmation SMS sent.

Hope this helps in helping you set the right expectations.

We are working on many more such improvements which we are sure to excite you. Do let us know what you feel about our service. Write to us on feedback at hungryzone.com

Thanks for the support,

Team – Hungryzone.com

Our Buffet Search Just Got Better!! 0

Posted on August 24, 2010 by admin

You were right!!

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”.. And ya.. We just got better!!

We have been receiving lots of feedback in form of suggestions and complaints. Well, we have managed to resolve most of the issues leading to these complaints to ensure that the experience of ordering food online through Hungryzone.com, gets better. Regarding the suggestions, we are working on them and will implement the same shortly.

One valuable feedback we received was regarding the segregation of the buffet on the basis of its timings. It’s a pleasure to inform you that we have upgraded our Buffet search to include the sorting of the buffet on basis of the timings – “Lunch / Dinner / Weekends”. Now make the most of it to find the best available buffet for lunch or dinner or as part of your weekend plans!!

Stay tuned to be informed about our further up gradations aimed at “ordering food online” through Hungryzone.com a better experience…

Thanks for helping us serve you better.

Team – Hungryzone.com

Timings included in buffet search

Hungryzone launches “The Hattrick Offer” 0

Posted on August 15, 2010 by admin

As part of our 4yr celebration Hungryzone is treating the city with Pizzas. Just place 3 home delivery orders over the next 30days through Hungryzone and win a FREE Medium size Pizza, order 6 times and win two Medium size pizza and order 9 times and win three Medium size pizzas, brought to you in association with Papa John’s. Now just don’t stop at enjoying the convenience of ordering online from over 550 restaurants in Bangalore but also win free pizzas along the way.

This offer is valid from 15th Aug to 15th Sept. Check out the offer details on www.hungryzone.com/contests/hattrick_offer.

Thank you for your support 0

Posted on August 09, 2010 by admin

Dear Hungryzone users,

Hungryzone has completed 4 years of operations in Bangalore. On this occasion we would like to extend a big thank you to all of you for your support and patronage. We would also like to take this opportunity to share with you what we have been upto in the past couple of months.
As you would remember, we had conducted our largest user survey (over phone, online and user groups) till date in the month of May-June (And we thank you for sharing your feedback/suggestions there). There were primarily 3 issues that emerged from the surveys, and over the last couple of months we have been finding the best ways of solving these issues, and here is how we have been addressing them:-

(a) Issue of price difference on the website – Firstly, We cannot apologize enough to all customers who have faced this issue. We have taken up this issue as our single biggest agenda, and have now set up processes/check-points that address these issues from its roots. You will now see the issue of price difference reducing and slowly getting extinct (never to come back again) within matter of few more days.
In this regard we have also added a field called “Approximate container charges” in the order cart which lets you know the container charges that you will need to pay.
One thing we want to assure you of Hungryzone services are ABSOLUTELY FREE for you, if you ever land up paying extra for a food item ordered through Hungryzone compared to ordering directly, consider that meal free from us, and we assure you that, that restaurant will be removed from our services.

(b) Late delivery – We sincerely wish we could do something about this issue, but unfortunately deliveries are not done by us and hence we do not have complete control over it. We have a very closely monitored SLA at our Operations that ensures that the orders/bookings are placed with the restaurant (through our automated OMS system or manually) in maximum of 1min.
Also, we realized that setting the right expectations with you regarding the delivery timing would go a long way towards solving this issue. Hence you would have noticed, we have added one very important information called “Approximate delivery time” on weekdays and weekends (this data is collected from users based on historic data rather that from the restaurant). Request you to kindly refer to this piece of information before placing your order, in order to get a very close approximation of the delivery timing.

(c) Lack of choice of restaurants –We have added lots of new restaurants in your neighbourhood to expand your choice. So kindly login and check it out. And in case you still don’t find your restaurant there kindly let us know at feedbacks @ hungryzone.com.
There are other very relevant issues that were also raised, which you would find either resolved or we are working on it.
We do not want to make this post any lengthier, so here is once again thanking you so much for making Hungryzone which started as a community service program into a platform which has now processed more than 3.5lakh food orders in Bangalore. It’s your love and affection that has seen us through many a tough times in the past 4 yrs and we look forward to the same love and affection as we move forward to making this service a even better service for you.

Team – Hungryzone
feedbacks @ hungryzone.com