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Terrible day… 1

Posted on December 22, 2008 by hungryzone

Our servers crash landed yesterday during lunch. After hours of frantic fire fighting we finally managed to restore the website but a lot of inconvenience was caused to the foodies.
We have learnt a lot from yesterdays crisis and promise to emerge as a much stronger, agile and smarter service.

Thankyou for all your support and do keep visiting us, we have some really interesting things coming up during Christmas and New Year!

Yay it’s almost Christmas! 0

Posted on December 13, 2008 by hungryzone

Although, in hindsight this has probably not been one of the greatest years in terms of turbulence and violence, it’s perhaps all the more reason to celebrate and look forward to a happier new year!

That’s exactly why we’re partnering with some of our favourite restaurants and some popular resorts to bring you special events this Christmas, along with the latest news on the most happening parties this New Year’s. It’s about time we all let down our hair, relaxed, and remember to enjoy the days we’ve got!

A few teasers of our Christmas plans!

A Day with Santa @ Flambe with special surprise goodies, and a chance to decorate the beautiful christmas tree. Family fun as well as a great change of environment!

Learn to Mix @ Silsila. Always wanted to impress your friends with your great bartending skills? Here’s your chance! Special guest bartender Shank will share his secret tips along with a customized and super yum Christmas cocktail menu!

Christmas market, decorating the tree, special menus, and more! at The Ugly Duckling!

Lots more on the way….you won’t be lost for choice!

Tickets will be available on the site for both our Christmas and New Years events, so keep checking up to see what’s the latest program! Most of the events have limited entry, and tickets will be available through us first, so don’t hesitate, just go ahead and plan the date!