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Posted on June 23, 2015 by Anusha

Mick Jagger has birthday brunch

The Rolling Stones rocker was joined by eight people including daughters Georgia May and Karis at Hakkasan New York on Saturday (27.07.14) during a break from his group current world tour.

Mick stuck to sparkling water, but his guests toasted his birthday with Brooklyn Pilsner, onlookers told the New York Post Newspaper Page Six column.

Meanwhile, the in Black hitmaker bandmates marked the occasion by posting online a five minute clip of highlights from his 50 year career, with the footage soundtracked by Rescue

Mick was left devastated earlier this year when his long term girlfriend L Scott committed suicide but he has recently been rejuvenated by the birth of his grandson Ray and great granddaughter Ezra.

His daughter Jade, who gave birth to her third child Ray last month, said: "My dad loves babies. He really good
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fake ray bans He been through a difficult time but it been great to have two new babies in the family with the joy they bring."

The 71 year old singer became a great grandfather for the first time in May after Jade daughter Assisi, 21, gave birth to baby Ezra four weeks before the former model, 42, welcomed Ray into the world.

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Posted on June 23, 2015 by Anusha

A hospital saves Haiti

The white Land Rover bounces over the rutted streets of Port au Prince and skirts a two story high pile of steaming garbage policed by spotted pigs the size of oil barrels. It passes the ruined faade of Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, unrepaired since a powerful earthquake rocked Haiti on January 12, 2010. Then it careens by the once grand National Palace, now collapsed onto itself like a melted wedding cake. As the Land Rover rattles by a tent city that’s home to 50,000 Haitians, passenger Aaron Pugmire shouts over the sound of the car’s squeaking axles: "Now we’re headed to one of the biggest disgraces to the medical profession in the Western Hemisphere."

At a dingy green and white concrete complex, moist, softball sized pools of blood lead like steppingstones up to the entrance of Haiti’s State University Hospital, where thousands of stinking corpses clogged the courtyard after the quake. A middle age man is on his knees, wailing: "My heart. My heart!" One hand clutches his chest, while the other grips the metal grate that separates him from an unmoved receptionist. A public facility with more than 400 beds, the General as it is known is Haiti’s largest hospital. But it’s neither free nor easy to enter.

"Bonsoir," says Pugmire, an emergency medical worker, shaking the hands of the security guards at the gate and briskly sidestepping the man. "I’m here to find a patient." He nimbly steps around the blood and pushes past a terrifying pastiche of scores of men and women some naked, bloody, and foul smelling who lie beneath flickering lights. Many are curled up on the shit smeared linoleum floor.

Pugmire passes a man who holds his head in his hands as blood trickles down his arm and
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Pugmire, a curly haired Richard Branson look alike, is here to find 87 year old Eunide Baptiste. He dropped her off five days ago for an operation on a badly broken hip. Now, she sits in a room with 50 other glassy eyed patients, awaiting a physician. An ancient bleach bottle dangling from a string around her ankle serves as traction for her injury.

"They have done nothing for me here," Baptiste says softly in Kreyol, as Pugmire approaches. The young EMT holds her x ray up toward a broken
cheap ray bans window. "This is ridiculous," he fumes. "You drop them off here, and they rot."

Indeed, rotting is the rule in health facilities on this island nation two hours by plane from Miami. Death is at home in Haiti. A life expectancy of barely 60 years places it dead last in the Western Hemisphere. Haitians survive on an average income of $400 per year. Nearly 60 percent live in poverty, and 70 percent are unemployed.

For decades, General Hospital nicknamed "the morgue" has symbolized the ruined state left in the wake of the Duvalier dictatorships that ran the country from 1957 to 1986. Without clean water or health clinics, Haitians are 12 times more likely than Americans to die of communicable diseases. Women are 50 times more likely to perish while giving birth. Last year, the country of 10 million reported 50,000 cases of malaria: 30 times as many as in the neighboring Dominican Republic. "You can’t expect a country to develop if its people are sick. Sick people can’t farm. Sick people can’t sell goods."

Last January’s seven magnitude earthquake compounded the crisis. The tremor damaged 60 percent of the country’s health facilities and destroyed four hospitals in the capital. Since last October, more than 5,400 Haitians most living in tent cities established since the earthquake have died from cholera.

Now things could change. Billions of dollars in foreign aid offer a rare chance at reinventing health care. And one tiny hospital may serve as a model. Tucked down a narrow street off the road to the airport, Bernard Mevs is the only trauma and critical care center in Haiti. Gunshot and car crash victims are sent from around the city to its tall, orange gates. Inside, ventilators keep patients breathing during surgery, amputees receive prosthetics, and patients learn to walk again.

The hospital is a partnership between Project Medishare a nonprofit founded by University of Miami doctors and Bernard Mevs’s Haitian surgeons. Since the earthquake, Medishare has flown thousands of volunteers like Pugmire, the EMT, to the hospital to help
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But the challenge is enormous. After
replica ray bans finding Baptiste, Pugmire tracks down a doctor at General and explains how to treat the patient. But the next day, doctors release Baptiste, and she drags herself to Bernard Mevs seeking treatment. She is in worse shape than when she left.

Sixteen months before Baptiste arrived at Bernard Mevs, Wilfrid Macena washed the dirt and welding dust off his hands and looked to the sky. Wilfrid’s pretty young wife, Simone, and 3 month old son, Wilflamson, waited for him at home only a few blocks away. The welder shouldered his tools and headed for the gate.

Just as he walked outside, the earth began to pitch and roll. A strange, inhuman shriek rose from the ground like a thousand breaking bones. Wilfrid dropped his tools and tried to run, but the buckling soil tripped him. He put his hands out to brace himself, one on an old coconut tree and another on the heavy brick wall surrounding the workshop.

As he tried to sprint to an open area, an electrical cable caught him around the neck like a noose. When he tore it away from his throat, the live wire melted through his shirt and into the skin on his right shoulder. He sank to the trembling earth in pain, then tried to run again but fell. He staggered once more to his feet, but the earthquake floored him for a fourth and final time.

The wall crashed like thunder all around Wilfrid. Pain tore through his body. When the dust cleared, Wilfrid could see the blood seep into the packed dirt beneath his right leg. And when he brushed aside the brick fragments, he spotted the white of his tibia poking through his dark skin. He pulled off his T shirt, wrapped it around his shredded shin, and screamed for help.

Seconds later, Wilfrid’s boss, a businessman known only as Dady, arrived and carried him to the street. He boosted the younger man onto the back of a pickup truck and drove toward a hospital downtown. But the earthquake had left Boulevard Jean Jacques Dessalines a nightmarish landscape of crumbled buildings, honking cars, and dazed victims. A drive that normally took 20 minutes lasted four hours. Finally, the pickup inched down a steep hill in central Port au Prince and around a corner, but the path was completely blocked by concrete slabs.

"Leave me in the street," Wilfrid pleaded. Instead, his boss hailed a passing motorbike and climbed on. Promising to tell Wilfrid’s family that the young man was alive and to return with help, Dady disappeared into the darkness.Articles Connexes:

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Posted on June 23, 2015 by Anusha

Cooke County declares disaster

GAINESVILLE, TX Because of the prolonged drought and extreme heat, Cooke County is taking drastic action. This morning commissioners approved a county wide disaster declaration.

"Our conditions are becoming more severe and the fire conditions more intense," said Ray Fletcher, Cooke County Fire Marshall. "Fire spread is quicker and the ability to control the fire is more difficult."

Two weeks ago Cooke County passed a burn ban but many residents were left confused as to what
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"Some people’s livelihood depends on outdoor cooking," said Cooke
cheap ray bans County Judge
cheap ray bans John Roane, "and with the proper precautions it can be
discount ray bans done."

Under the declaration outdoor cooking devices have to be fully enclosed and situated at least ten feet from any combustible materials. Areas where welding, cutting, or grinding are being performed must be clear of combustible materials for 25 feet in all directions, monitored by a second party, and have a minimum of 100 gallons of sprayable water on site. The declaration also makes Cooke County eligible for state and federal aid.

County Judge John Roane has lived in Cooke County for most of his life. He says he’s never seen the kind of weather like they’re having this year.

"As we all know this has been a very freaky year as far as weather is concerned," he said, "and now the drought and the dry conditions on top of that just makes it a year that I can’t remember us having anything like this before."

The declaration will be in effect for the next 30 days, however, commissioners could vote to extend it at the commissioners court meeting scheduled for August 8th.Articles Connexes:

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Posted on June 23, 2015 by Anusha

How To Set Up a Box Joint Jig

One simple alternative to the more popular dovetail joint is the box joint. Both joints are classic and have sturdy methods to connect two pieces of stock. There are different ways to cut box joints, and you could do it using a dovetail saw and chisel. But if you don’t like to cut the fingers by hand, a simpler choice is to use a box joint jig.

Here’s how you can machine the fingers of the joint:

Decide what width you want each finger to be and arrange the
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After that, attach a scrap piece of stock onto your miter
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Michael Kors handbags outlet it extends past the blade when attached to the miter gauge. When wide enough, it should be at least an inch past the blade and at
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Check if the miter gauge, with the fastened piece of scrap stock, is square to the blade. Run the scrap through the saw.

Now you can remove the scrap from the gauge. Bring it to
cheap Michael Kors outlet the right twice the width of the fingers, and attach it onto the miter gauge again.

Cut a stock piece with the same width as the fingers, which will fit into the space you cut into the scrap. But as for the length, this piece should be at least twice as long as the work pieces’ width.

With a wood screw from the bottom, attach the resulting piece in the notch of the scrap. Arrange it so that it comes forward from the scrap facing the saw blade. Now this will serve as a gauge for cutting the fingers.

Check if the miter
Michael Kors discounts is still square to the blade. Flick on the
Cheap Michael Kors handbags saw and cut a new notch in the scrap, maintaining its current position.

You now have set up a box joint jig. Start running your work pieces through the saw. Cut notches until all of the work piece’s fingers are formed.

Apply a thin layer of glue to assemble box joints. Do this on all joint surfaces and slide the joint together. You can clamp it if necessary. Box joints are best for making box like structures like drawers or large wooden storage boxes. This type of joinery is a strong and useful one, but may pose a little challenging. There are several factors that can affect the precision of the box joints. Bad alignment of the blade to the miter slot, blade sharpness
cheap Michael Kors and botched miter gauges, including the manner of pushing the box joint jig through the dado blade, can influence the quality of the box joint jig.

But do not worry; you can work around these issues by simply following the steps mentioned here. Ensure that your materials are in good condition and remember that measurement accuracy is very important.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Posted on June 23, 2015 by Anusha

Country’s largest Canadian Tire opens in South Edmonton Common

EDMONTON Candace Cook’s first thought upon entering the country’s largest Canadian Tire store in Canada at South Edmonton Common
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It’s not every Canadian Tire that elicits such reaction, but the retailer has built what it calls a showcase store, that at 140,000 square feet across two floors, is double or triple the size of its previous stores and filled it with the latest merchandising techniques and digital technology experiences.

The store uses more than 100 digital screens, online catalogues and interactive electronics, such as a driving simulator, that lets customers virtually test drive tires in different weather conditions.

In the seasonal department, customers can click and drag virtual products such as barbecues and gazebos on to a giant virtual deck to plan their patios. They can even don Oculus Rift 3 D goggles to virtually walk through a backyard space.

"It’s really cool," shopper Kelsey Latham said.

"You can set something up and if you want to look at it with all the pieces together, it would be handy. We’re going to be getting a house eventually and it would be nice to have that to help design it."

In this store, the retailer has also moved away from the cluttered warehouse look and feel of traditional Canadian Tires. Aisles are wider, the store is brighter and shoppers are greeted with an open two storey foyer topped with a giant maple leaf made from
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet more than 800 hockey sticks painted red. In the hockey department, sweaters spin overhead in a moving display rack and a Hockey Canada mini museum currently showcases the Team Canada jerseys of Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey, but will see memorabilia from the Hockey Hall of Fame changed every few months.

Even the vehicle repair shop gets a high tech makeover with 19 drive in auto bays that automatically measure
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"This is not your grandfather’s Canadian Tire store," dealer associate Darren Gunn said.

"We think shopping has just gone from being a needs driven thing to almost like an event, so what we’re going to try and create here is that it’s a fun
michael kors handbags outlet place to go with your family. Your kids can come here and be up in Legoland. The husband can be out in the driving simulator. There’s something for everybody in this store."

The company declined to discuss the cost of the store.

The store’s 73,000 individual products have been tailored to the Edmonton market, "with key assortment extensions in truck and trailer, tools and outdoor living and an extensive hunting and fishing
Michael Kors handbags outlet pro shop, the retailer says.

With the most extensive product assortment of any Canadian Tire, the store functions like a showroom for in person and e commerce shoppers.

Customers buying canoes, patio tables or other bulky items will get them loaded into their vehicles in a dedicated lane along the side
cheap Michael Kors of the store’s 50,000 square foot warehouse where the orders are filled. It’s also where e commerce customers pick up their online purchases.

The store opening comes a little more than a year after FGL Sports, owned by Canadian Tire, opened a Sport Chek and Atmosphere flagship store at West Edmonton Mall that also engaged shoppers with interactive technology and digital installations.

"We had great success with
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet the opening of our flagship store for FGL at West Edmonton Mall," said Allan MacDonald, Canadian Tire chief operating officer.

"It caused us to contemplate what the implications of
replica Michael Kors handbags that would be for Canadian Tire."

The company also wanted to rethink how it "showrooms" big products such as bikes, barbecues and patio furniture, along with their array of accessories, he said. Delonna Sullivan died in April 2011, six days after the four month old was taken into foster care.

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Children who have died in provincial care focus of Monday vigil outside legislature’I died that day’: Mother engulfed in grief over baby’s death (with video)Articles Connexes:

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