Top 11 Football Foods 0

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

It’s time to get some some goals in your mouth as well. It’s time to get some football food.

So here’s the top 11 dishes that you could munch on while watching your favourite football game -


1) The Striker of football dishes – Rolls


Because it just strikes the right chord with your taste buds with it’s unique blend of chutney, peppers and masalas.

2) The Centre-back of football dishes – Nachos


Because they have strong flavours and can be eaten in so many ways.

3) The Full-back of football dishes – Pizza


Because you can attack it from any side. Eat the crust first or the cheesy middle.

4) The Wing-back of football dishes – Wings


Because it’s a very demanding dish.

5) The Sweeper of football dishes – Beer


Because it’s the best complimentary drink with any dish.

6) The Defending-midfielder of football dishes – Burgers


Because each layer is skilled enough to provide you with a burst of flavours.

7) The Central-midfielder of football dishes – Kebabs


Because it fulfills its role in every dish – be it a roll, biryani or wrap.

8) The Attacking-midfielder of football dishes – Potato chips


Because it attacks your taste buds in such a way that you just can’t have one.


9) The Wide-midfielder of football dishes – Pasta


Because it can dribble perfectly well between tomato sauce and white sauce.

10) The Withdrawn-striker of football dishes – Popcorn


Because it gets eaten as quickly as it gets passed on.

11) The Goalkeeper of football dishes – Meatballs


Because each meatball gives you a heavenly kick.

If you have any other football foods you’d like to enjoy during a game, do tell us in the comments below. For those of you who are hungry after reading this, you can just tap the JUST EAT app or click on justeat.in.


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Little Things That Give Us the Greatest Joy 2

Posted on October 10, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

When was the last time you felt complete joy over something? Was it when you bought your first car or was it even more when you sat near your window and looked at the rain (that is, if you like rains!)

I bet your answer will be the second one. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that bring us the greatest joy.

So here’s a list of 25 small joys of life that all of us will relate to -

1) Waking up to your alarm ringing, only to realize it’s Sunday



 2) Reaching the airport in 30 minutes without any traffic on the road



3) Finding money in one of your old clothes



4) Dreaming of your favourite food, only to see your mom cook it the next day



5) Reaching office late, only to realize it’s a holiday



6) Having an ice cream late at night



7) Knowing that your boss hasn’t come to work that day



8) Having the last slice of pizza while your friends are busy talking



9) When the radio plays your favourite song at a traffic signal



10) When you get your hands on a bubble wrap



11) Sipping a hot cup of tea after a hard day’s work



12) When you get a complimentary dessert with your order



13) Riding the bike in the first attempt



14) A surprise birthday party organised by your best friend



15) Taking an unplanned road trip



16) Waking up in the morning and catching on that few extra winks



17) Coming back from work and pulling out your sock from your feet



18) Getting a salary credited message from your bank



19) Sitting beside the guy you have a crush on



20) Getting an ‘I love You’ message from your spouse after a fight



21)  When your kid runs and hugs you after you reach home from work



22) Keying in the correct password for a site you haven’t used for long



23)  Reading your favourite book every year



24) Bunking office and just doing nothing



25) When you are woken up with breakfast on bed



If there are any other little joyful moments we have missed out on, please share it with us in the comments below.


Image courtesy : giphy.com and tumblr.com

10 Ways to Use Dandiya Sticks 2

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

“Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol”


Yes, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and get ready for dandiya nights. But, did you know that your dandiya sticks could be used in more ways than one. Yes! Not just for dancing but in everyday life too!

So here’s how you can use dandiya sticks in 10 different ways:-

1. Chopsticks are too hard to pick food? Use dandiya sticks



Imagine all the extra food that you could stuff your mouth with! Big spoon yes! Bigger Dandiya sticks! Oh yes!


2. Whack! Whack! Whack! Yes, it can be your protector


The dance movement gives you just the right steps to kick some a**. Yeah! forget kung fu or karate, when DandiyaChe.

3. Dreaming of round chapatis, but your rolling pin is no good? Dandiya sticks to the rescue!


Yes! With one quick roll and a hand movement up and down, you can get your chapatis rolled into a perfect circle, while maintaining the dance movement.

 4. Don’t have ear buds at home? How about a dandiya stick ear buds


Disclaimer: we do realize this may or may not lead to elephant size ears. But the bigger the ears, the better the music heard, and even better the dance moves.

5. Vessel’s too hot? How about transforming your dandiya stick as tongs


Once you manage to do that with the tongs, you can be sure to have secured a place for yourself in the circus. It pays to be ‘balanced’ in life!

 6. Don’t have a clothes line to dry clothes? Here comes the Dandiya stick line


You can dry anything…well, almost anything!

7. Have an itchy back? Dandiya stick is the perfect solution


Save yourself from such public embarrassment. Just use the stick to give your itch some relief.

8. Can’t find a clip that can hold your thick hair together? Try the Dandiya stick!



Yes, with hair so beautifully tied up, you can be sure of never having another hair fall episode.

9. Cleaning your house was never easier



Clean corners and spots that you never could have reached before.

10. Can’t reach the bottles in the top shelf? Use the Dandiya stick



Yes, you will not have to become an astronaut in your house or engineer the way up to reach the top shelves.

Image Source: giphy.com



14 Things Men Tell their Wives about their Mother’s Food 1

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

“Somehow the meals taste great because it’s mom’s cooking.”

I’m sure most married women would have heard their husband’s brag about their mother’s food at some point in time. And if you are single, be sure that it’s just a matter of time before you hear these very words that can awaken deep unsettling feelings of anger, just like a dormant volcano that suddenly becomes active and erupts.

So here’s what most husband’s rant about when it comes to their mother’s food:

1. It tastes ok, but there’s something missing


When you hear him say that you can invariably see the eye roll movement which may either be in search of that missing ingredient in his head or to say “what a waste of my time”.

2. That was the best meal I’ve had in sometime


Yes, that happy smile on his face will get you thinking – “Did I seriously get married to this man-child?” And you can be sure that he will only say such things after a visit to his mom’s house.

3.  My mother never used to add garam masala


And this he will tell you with so much conviction that you will seriously start doubting your cooking skills.

4. Where are the vegetables in this? My mom’s veg pulao has….veg…ok forget it


Yes, when this comment is made, you might just end up digging the curry and the fridge to see whether you did after all put the vegetables in the curry.

5. You made palak today? You should have told me, I would have had from my mom’s house


This one comment can make your ears whistle with steam like an engine, and you may feel all the anger swell up on your face. You will keep thinking  and chanting in your head –  why did you have to cook a healthy meal? Just to hear that ‘why!’

6. No one can cook like my mom



That is one thing no woman wants to hear. And by saying that you go way down in her list of favorites. Infact you just gain the number one spot on her hit list.

7. My mother makes the best biryani ever


All that salivating at the thought of his mom’s biryani will make you think – ‘seriously, why did I even try?”

8. You know what, mom’s sambhar looks as appetizing as it tastes


Does that mean to say your sambhar does not look like sambhar? What else does it look like?

9. Can’t you make that curry that mom makes? You haven’t taken the recipe?


When he asks you this question, you will start feeling as if you have committed a crime and a punishable offence at that.

10. When my mom used to cook, all my friends would come over for lunch


And that is a big lie, because his friends come over when you cook as well.

11. There’s nothing like ‘Ma ki dal’


When you hear him say this, you may suddenly start thinking whether it is a new dish after all, or just something that he was fed when he was sleeping.

12. She knew exactly what to give and when to give, and that would be my favorite


Yeah, by saying this the competition becomes fiercer, and you start researching on your husband through all sources possible to know what his favorites actually are.

13. Mom had magic in her hands


And if you had any doubts as to what is in your hands, he will very nicely tell you that you are a magician but his mom had magic in her hands (Please spot the difference here!)

14. I’ve had better


When he shrugs his shoulder and tells you that, it’s like the final nail in the coffin. You may think of punching him or giving him the silent treatment. (Yes, no talking till he comes to his senses, and of course no food!)

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How Lazy Are You? 0

Posted on August 05, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.”  ― Paul Terry


Are you one of them? Do you roll on the bed on weekends trying to measure the length and breadth of the bed? Are you sitting with food in your mouth till it forms a little mountain inside your cheek?

If you can relate to any of these symptoms, then you have the ‘laziness syndrome’- a very serious condition that makes you sit all day like a couch potato (especially on weekends), and no amount of pressure or screaming can move you from this state!

Nodding your head to everything I just said? So let’s check out how lazy are you?

1. You dropped food on the floor, but you couldn’t be bothered to pick it up. After all your favorite show is on TV and a little food on the floor wouldn’t hurt anyone. Would it?  Nah! So you just sit there waiting for someone to clean it up.

couch potato.gif


2. Did you take a bath? When someone asks you that you give all kinds of reasons for not showering. Saving water, too much bath is not good for your skin, saving the earth, and what not! So you stay in the same pyjamas all weekend staying away from the washroom as much as possible.

same clothes.gif


3. There’s a pile of dishes in your sink! Eeeks! But you couldn’t care less. Dishes are meant to be in the sink and someone will eventually clean them up. So why bother? And if you don’t have time for a bath let the dishes at least have one!


4. You just love buying the inner wear. Well not because you love them so much, but because you couldn’t waste your time washing them. Yes! If fresh is what it’s meant to be why not buy some!



5. Hunger strikes but you just can’t let go of the bed. So you shout your lungs out to whoever is listening and tell them what you want to eat. Or you just call up the pizza guy who apparently is your very good friend because you couldn’t be bothered to cook, drops by with your favorite pizza! Exactly the way you want it!

eating in bed.gif


6. It’s Friday night! Your friends are planning to party and get sloshed. But you just bump them off saying you have too much to work on. Yes! you just can’t think of leaving your bed and the sheer joy of lazing on it on a Friday night till Sunday! You are just waiting to reach home and plonk on it!

jump on bed.gif


7. You hear screaming from the hall. Your friends are watching the scariest horror movie of all time, but no amount of screaming can startle you. You are too preoccupied in your laziness to give the ghost so much as a stare.



8. The TV has been playing the same ads over and over again but you can’t lift your finger to take the remote that’s on a table near you, because it’s too much of a distance to cover. Instead you watch what’s on TV till there’s nothing playing.

stare attv.gif


9. You want to attend to nature’s call in the middle of the night but your laziness has hit you so badly that you just postpone it till morning. Hoping that your bladder would understand!



10. Someone is knocking on the door but you pretend as if you didn’t hear it. You wait for someone to get the door and revel in all your laziness and curl back right in. Besides, it could be anyone so why bother when someone else can get the door. It would be a good walk for them you think!

on bed.gif


If you can relate to more than three on this list, kudos! Your laziness is off the charts and skyrocketing into the kingdom of ‘Laziness’. You deserve an outstanding award for ‘outstanding laziness’.

Psssttt! You know there’s one more thing you could add to your laziness chart? Order food online on JustEat.in. All you need to do is lift a finger and your food comes right to you!