Win 400 Rs. coupon with “My favourite dish cooked by #MyMom” Contest! 1

Posted on May 08, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

We all love some dish that our mother makes best. No one in this world can make it better than them. So tell us what this special dish is, and do something special for your mom this Mother’s Day! Participate in this contest, and give her a much deserved break from cooking!


How do you enter the contest?

1. Firstly…

Follow us on Twitter

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2. Secondly…(the best and important part!)

Post or Tweet a picture of your favourite dish that your mom makes best on Just Eat’s Facebook or Twitter page.


3. Thirdly…(very important too!)

Be sure to post the picture with a comment… #MyMom’s <the dish name here> is JUST….

For example…


The best picture and comment will win a discount coupon worth Rs 400/-*. So hurry, start posting/tweeting now, and give your mom a break from cooking! The winner will be announced on 15th May, 2014.



* Offer is valid till 30th May, 2014 only
* Offer is valid on online payment orders only
* Offer is valid only for delivery orders (not valid on pickup or booking orders)
* The discount value is Rs. 400/-
* Minimum order amount is Rs. 425/-
* Offer is subject to change without prior notifications
* Standard T & C’s of www.justeat.in and its partner restaurants applies



10 signs dieting is not your cup of tea 0

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

1) You dream of food all night




2) You day dream about food



3) This is what comes to your mind when you think of a ‘hot date’



4) You get excited with these two words- ‘Free Food’



5) This is your idea of a light meal



6) Your meal is incomplete without dessert



7) You love all kinds of cookery shows



8) You are always first at the food counter at weddings, parties, etc.



9) You carry a snack wherever you go



10) You wait for a discount coupons to order food



If you can relate to more than one of these signs, it’s time you treat yourself with some food. Just order your favourite food online at Justeat.in and sit back and enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee…er..whatever you like :)

5 Stages of ordering pizza for lunch 1

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

I’m sure you have friends who loooove getting a salad for lunch. A typical excuse for getting a salad sounds like this, “It’s a light satisfying meal” “It’s too hot to eat anything else” “I’m getting all my nutrients for the day!”

And it’s not just women who give such excuses, but men too these days (Something about eating less carbs!)

Coming back to excuses, now let me tell you, whoever tells you this is actually telling ‘BIG LIES’. They would give anything to have a cheese filled Pizza. Yes! Cheesy delight with loads and loads of toppings!

But the process of ordering and having a pizza is an ordeal filled with distress from the start to the finish. And no human should go through it.

If you have anyways chosen to tread this undesired path, here’s what you can expect.

Stage 1: When hunger strikes




I’m hungry! It’s almost lunch time. What? Wait! It’s just 10.30? 10.40? Ok, It’s 11! 11.30 is good time to eat. What’s that rumbling sound? There’s no construction happening here. Oh! wait, that’s my stomach.

Stage 2: The debate between pizza and salad


    www. reactionsimages.tumblr.com


What do I eat for lunch? Salad? Well, maybe a burger. It has salad too, ummm…sort of. I think I’ll have a pizza. But I had it yesterday for lunch, and for dinner too. Salad? Guess, I’ll settle with pizza today too.

Stage 3: The indecision


    www. reactionsimages.tumblr.com


So should I get a plain cheese Margherita? Or loaded with all kinds of chicken? No, I had that yesterday. How about veggies today. Yuck! Who eats veggies even on pizza? But some kind of veggies is good! Ok, let’s settle for half veg and half non-veg pizza. Yes! decision’s made.

Stage 4: Acceptance


    www. reactionsimages.tumblr.com


Oh! But what about my diet plan? My gym instructor will know I have eaten pizza. :( How will I ever reduce my pot belly? But a little cheese won’t hurt. I will run an extra three miles tomorrow…ah, maybe one mile extra. Man, I can’t wait to get that pizza.

Stage 5: Resolution


    www. reactionsimages.tumblr.com


Yummy pizza! I’m too full though. Oh god! can’t keep my eyes open Yawn!  Tomorrow I’m definitely getting a salad.

So the next time you order a pizza, you know what you will be going through! But in case you can’t resist your love for pizzas, you can always order online on JustEat.in.



10 Popular food phrases and what they mean 2

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

Let’s go bananas…bananas…bananas…

Bananas…bananas… bananas…bananas.


Wondering why I am singing this song? That’s because I’m really hungry and my mind is thinking ‘bananas’. Ok, jokes apart. While you may enjoy this song from the film ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’, most of us don’t realise how important food is in our lives. We so often use food phrases in our conversations. Yes! It’s cool to talk food phrase slang! It’s the ‘yo’ thing or in thing.

So let’s check out what these food phrases actually mean. (By the way, the thing about me being hungry is no joke at all :P )

1.  He’s a good egg or He’s a bad egg

Meaning: He is an angel at heart, or He only looks good, but is up to no good


We all love eggs, but can we tell if it will turn out to be a good, nice smelling omelette? So that’s what this phrase means. You can never tell how a person is from inside.

You may know a lot of people whose head is egg shaped and if you don’t like that person for some reason, a devilish thought may pop in your head, “Now that’s a badly shaped egg head”. :0

2.  Chew the fat

Meaning: To engage in light-hearted conversation.

This phrase goes back to a tradition that Eskimos followed. They used to chew whale blubber like bubble. (Now that’s gross!) Since it took a long time to chew, it is believed that it was a great way to pass time.

So when you have loads of work, and you tend to have meaningless conversations with your colleague, that’s when you are actually indulging in pure time pass, or in other words – “chewing the fat” or in some cases chewing someone’s brain.

3. Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: Someone who is totally cool


This expression has been derived from the cool temperature of the cucumber. Yes, the insides are 20 degrees cooler than the outside.

So when you hear someone being referred to as ‘cool as a cucumber’, it actually means he is a totally chilled person, a cool dude. (If you want to confirm whether he is cool or not, you can use the thermometer, and check if the mercury actually dips below zero. ;) )

4. That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Meaning: It’s meant to be


Imagine you see your favourite cookie; the last cookie in the jar, and grab to munch on it before anyone else sees you. But it breaks apart and falls on the ground. Now you can’t feel despair and cry over it right? It was meant to be. The cookie was meant to hit the floor and get covered in dust. So that’s what this phrase means. If something is meant to be, it’s just meant to be. But if the five second food rule doesn’t apply to you, you can always pick it up, dust it and enjoy it.

5. Piece of cake

Meaning: Something that requires little or no effort


This phrase dates back to 1800s. In America, cakes were given out as prizes during competitions in which slaves were made to circle around a cake. The one who walked in the most graceful way, won the prize.

Now you may think that cleaning your lady’s purse would be a ‘piece of cake’, but only when you dig in that purse; will you realise that your lady’s purse is actually a treasure trove of old bills, cards, scribbled papers, credit card statements (Phew!)  You may be left wondering why she has all these old bills. But you’ll never get an answer to that. Maybe you could do jiggle around a cake, and hope for a miracle to happen!

6. Butter someone up

Meaning: Flatter someone


The origin of this phrase dates back to ancient Indian customs. The locals would throw little balls of butter at statues of Gods, to seek favours from Higher Powers.

So we all know that when someone praises his boss for no reason whatsoever, and follows him like his shadow, he is only trying to butter him up. All the while hoping that his boss slips on that imaginary butter, hits his head and gives him that big promotion. :P

7. Spill the beans

Meaning: Give away a secret


This phrase is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. Back then, when they needed to decide on an issue, a vote was held. White beans meant a ‘yes’ and black beans were a ‘no’. If the vote collector dropped the jar and a black bean spilled out, the vote was ruined.

So when your friend tells you about an embarrassing situation he/she has faced and swears you to secrecy, but the BBC news that you are; you still go ahead and tell people, that’s when you have spilled the beans.

8. Use your noodle

Meaning: Telling someone to use his brains

Wondering how does a noodle compare to one’s head? Well if you look closely, noodles do look like brains. Grossed at that thought? Now that’s not the intention. The phrase just means making use of one’s brains.  Another closer look at the noodles and you will fall in love with these long strings of joy again. After all, it’s the best food for any hour of the day, and the quickest to whip up.

9. Go bananas

Meaning: You crazy, I’m crazy, let’s all go crazy


This one originated when zoologists tried feeding monkeys’ bananas, and the apes got all excited with taste.

So the next time you see your friend acting like an ape, going all crazy over a dress or a cheese burst pizza; dancing with excitement, you know for sure she’s gone bananas.

10. Wake up and smell the coffee

Meaning: A reality check


This phrase originated in a Nescafe ad campaign and was popularized by the late advice columnist Ann Landers.

So when someone tells you to wake up and smell the coffee- No, they are not telling you to actually wake up to sweet smelling filter coffee, but they are only trying to give you an indication that maybe your pant are on fire, so watch out!

(Pssst! Most of these food items are part of some mouth watering dishes available on JustEat.in. So order them anytime you want)

That’s our list of food phrases and their actual meaning, if you know of any food phrases; do let us know in the comments below.



The Flame – Ghaziabad 0

Posted on April 03, 2014 by Rashmi Ganesh

I want to tell you a little secret.


Wondering why I’m talking gibberish? It’s the mouth watering Chilli Paneer, Chilli Chicken, Chicken Noodles, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Tandoori Chicken cooked in all its spices that will leave your tongue lingering with taste for hours.

Now, the secret of where you can find it. Come closer; let me whisper in your ear. It’s available only at ‘The Flame’ in Indirapuram.

True to its name, the food here is so scrumptious that it will douse the hunger flame in your stomach the moment you take a bite (I would like to have such hunger pangs, if the food is so great :) ).

Now you can’t tell anyone, because you just can’t get enough of their food. And if more and more people find out, what will happen to your tummy? (I don’t even want to think about it)

If you are a foodie like we are, you will just love the flavour of the Chinese cuisine here. They have a variety of Hakka noodles; Fried rice; Manchurian gravy, starters, the list is just endless. One bite into the food and the only word that will escape your mouth is “Yum”.

Set in the heart of Indirapuram, the restaurant also has contemporary Indian, Barbeque and Mughlai dishes cooked at the hands of experienced chefs. You can try complimenting these chefs on the awesome food they cook, but no such compliment will make them tell you the magical ingredients that they add to these dishes.

What is also special about this restaurant is that they are very particular about where they get their produce from. Nothing, but the best seasonal local produce from some of the finest growers in our country will do. Which is why, food cooked here is so fresh, and every bite is delectable.

But if you are not able to visit this restaurant for any reason, would you miss out on the food? That’s an absolute ‘No’. So for people who can’t make it to the restaurant, you can opt for home delivery. Even people living in Noida can order-in from this restaurant, and get hot and fresh food in just a few clicks or by phone. (Now there will be more and more people rushing to this place. Sigh! Our stomachs!)

Students, look nowhere else. They have an exclusive menu for students- the ‘Student special’. The menu includes veg and non burgers, chicken, veg and mutton rolls that will fit the budget of these youngsters. You can get the veg burger for as low as 40 rupees and the mutton roll for just 60 rupees. All within 100 rupees! Isn’t that great pricing?

So foodies if you are crazy about Chinese food and want a bite of lip smacking kebabs, naans, and rolls, you just have to visit ‘The Flame’. (Or you could order in from The Flame Ghaziabad on JustEat, and enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Now that’s a perfect idea for a lazy weekend!)