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BJN group is one of the largest fine dine restaurant chains in South India. In Bangalore BJN group has over a dozen fine dine restaurant each of which are unique in concept and undoubtedly the best in their class. BJN group started their operations from Museum Inn located at the junction of church street and museum road. It has grown rapidly ever since, adding atleast one restaurant every year. It now boasts of a fine dine restaurant in an area of any importance in Bangalore.

From a restaurant which resembles a train in the colonial era to a restaurant which resembles an afghan cave, BJN group has it all. A guest in any of the BJN outlets is treated with outmost care and respect, he is not only treated to the amazing food but also the personalized service. While Indijoes is probably the best Continental cuisine restaurant in Bangalore, Aromas of china is the best Chinese restaurant. There are many other restaurants which claim to be authentic restaurants for those cuisines but the BJN restaurants outstrip the others by a huge margin when it comes to popularity.

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BJN reviews

  1. Manjunath

    hi........just wanted to share my experience with you all. the tantalising aromas of far east waft from the kitchen of Aromas of China as one enters.with feng shui hangings, dim light, stewards executing the orders, the whispering talks and soft clink of fork and spoons on the plates will actually give you a sensational feeling.they have valet parking so you do not have to bother about the availability of parking space.some of the stewards in the restaurant could be mistaken as hailing from far east asia thus giving you a clever authentic touch. the menu card will successfully tempt you with recipes from traditional chinese kitchens.the cost is bit expensive but i guess one will not mind paying for this place coz its worth it. last i want to sincerely thank the hungryzone people for suggesting me this place....had a lovely time out there and would definitely want to visit once every month.

  2. Arvind

    Authentic Chinese Food!!

    “ This Aromas of China is such a good Chinese restaurant in and around Richmond road. Having heard a lot about the Aromas of China restaurant in Richmond road , bangalore with Chinese buffet our gang of 6 people decided to try it out probably on a weekday. What better than a good buffet to beat the Monday morning blues we thought and headed off to Aromas of China restaurant early noon itself , ostensibly to beat the noon - time crowd , and good thing we did. By 1.30 pm , the place was packed but fortunately parking space made waiting less painful. Then for lunch , we decided to try out both the veg and non-veg buffet. Pleasant surprise , you do not have to exercise ur paunch , the food comes to u , quite unlike the regular buffet. We had Spicy chicken salad , clear soup , coriander chicken soup , stir-fried chicken , dumplings , noodles/rice with glazed chicken and in veg we had golden fried veggies - baby corn , sweet sour veggies. Nowadays , I visit Aromas of China almost every weekend and each time I get a new experience.

  3. Vivek

    Chinese rocks at Aromas of China:

    “ If you are looking for good Chinese restaurant in Bangalore, Aromas of China located in shiv shankar plaza, Richmond road near Richmond circle can fulfil all your desires of eating good Chinese food. Due to my office near Richmond road I always prefer aromas of china for its quality Chinese food, better service, good ambience, not so noisy etc etc. Thats Chinese restaurant named Aromas Of China. I have been to Aromas of china for about 5,6 times and each time it was a new experience. To tell you about my latest visit. It was Saturday and me and my friends wanted to dine at Aromas of china, you all know that on that day you would hardly find a table in any restaurant in Bangalore. If the is table not booked earlier you have to wait for others to finish off their meal. Then you would get chance.. So for that reason one of my friends before only booked the table for 4 of us through Hungryzone.com. This site really rocks. Through this site he shared with us that a table was booked for us for the lunch. So all was set. Saturday was off for all of us. So we reached Aromas of china, Richmond circle on time. Right from the starting the janitor took care of the valet parking. The active and the courteous staff welcomed us and lead us to our table. We being regular visitors had pre decided what we would have from the menu and it was a matter of time when we were all set and done with our orders. To tell you about the dining area at Aromas of China, Richmond road, Bangalore, it is only on the ground floor and looks neat with the huge green pillars, the walls with the Chinese monuments, nicely made up curtains and some Feng Shui hangings. The wall opposite the main entrance has a huge mirror on it making the dining hall look much bigger. The interiors are nice at Aromas of china, Richmond road. Not too bright, not so dark. But a combination what soothes our eyes. It was lovely to see how the services at aromas of china has improved. The staff must be going through some Organization Behaviour Studies :) We did not orderany drinks. But beer we can have any time (it is like water for us)! So we ordered for the chilled beer. It was on the table few minutes after we ordered. We started with our starters which included hot and soft com cubes, dry chilly chicken which was amazing to start with. The drinks continued for abour 45 minutes. And the main course was ready to be served. The main course came with chicken chowmein, Manchurian, gravy in devil sauce, made from kashmiri chillies. Man the gravy was extremely spicy but we couldnt stop from eating and we ate and ate and ate....as if there was no tomorrow. The waitor came and asked for the second serving. It was big NO from our side.. Aromas of china really rocks. If you are a Chinese food lover. Aroma of China is worth going and food worth paying for. Go and enjoy your meal at Aromas Of China, Richmond Circle

  4. Jancy

    this place doesn't fail to please:

    I have frequenting this place with either friends or family. Its a value for money place which matters the most.........good food, prompt service,excellent ambiance,informative staff all in all a good place to dine with family

  5. Sunit

    There are many chinese restaurants in bangalore but none of them actually are authentic chinese cuisine. Visit Aromas of China at Eva Mall, Brigade road and you would realize how good an authentic chinese place can be. I am a die hard chinese food fan, perhaps I have eaten more chinese food than anything else in the world. I have tried each and every chinese restaurant in Bangalore and till date I have found no worthy competitor to the Aromas Of China. In Aromas of china you can fulfil all your desires of eating good Chinese food at reasonable price. As Aromas of China being very near to my residing place I always prefer Aromas of China at EVA Mall for its quality of Chinese food, better service, good ambience, not so noisy and many more. The one at Richmond road is more crowded and is a bit far hence I prefer the Aromas of China at Eva Mall. I visit their almost every weekend and each time I get a new experience. To tell you about my latest visit. Last Saturday and me and my girlfriend went for lunch at Aromas of china. No bookings was done. Saturday was off for both of us. So I picked her up from her apartment very near to Brigade road. We reached Aromas of China at EVA Mall, Brigade around 3. The amazing staff welcomed us and lead us to our table. The menu comprised of starters and the main course. Aromas Of China serve drinks too but I act sober in front of my girl friend :P The interiors are nice at Aromas of China at EVA Mall, bangalore not too bright, not so dark. But a combination that soothes your eyes. The restaurant has the usual crimson red color all over with the feng shui hangings here and there. There are two seating areas at Aromas of china with one outdoor seating with cabanas which is opposite the bar and the other quieter seating area which is air-cooled. Aromas of china doesn’t has a separate smoking zone. We ordered starters which included chicken wings as they call, but it was yummy, along with the mocktail. The service was fast as the dish was on our table few minutes after we ordered. Then we ordered for the American chilli corn, it was good too. Our stomach was already very full. But we managed to take some more of chilly chicken and chilli garlic noodles, Schezwan (don’t know whether I got the spelling correct) and specially asked to prepare the food in devil sauce, made from kashmiri chillies. That was really very hot. Please don’t take this advice because the gravy was really very hot. Brigade road on a weekend is very crowded, so better to book your table before only. In the end it was the food and the service that counts. And Aromas of China at EVA mall is worth a shot, nice environment, along with good quality Chinese food at reasonable price, music, and courteous staff. etc etc. I for sure will be going there again. This time with my family, will take Mom n’ Dad for a dinner at Aromas Of China, EVA mall, Bangalore

  6. Vamsi

    Nice place, fantastic service, the food is simply awesome. Now tht is putting it in short.

    In all the best service i have ever experirenced. We were kinda lost in the menu of the place. the waiter was really nice helping us out. the staff is the highlight of the place they make you feel right a t home.ANd the food!!!!!!!!!!! Omg the best i've ever had anywhere. the whole pomphret dish is to die for. the crabmeat soup had set the tone for the rest of the meal. and the main course with rice and noodles was simply awesome. they serve drinks too!!!!!! a cool place to hang out with friends.

    I would say tht it is a high end restaurant but.. the service and the food makes it all worth it. I've been there thrice but still can't get enuf

  7. Vivek

    I have Read all the reviews about sahib sindh sultan and it was so interesting and planned to visit this particular restaurant on my wife's birthday. The restaurant was fully crowded. Thanks for hungryzone that they had reserved a table for me. It was very happy to see a reserved board on the table at the corner. Happily the table was for me and my wife. The welcome was totally good. The food served at sahib sindh sultan at Forum mall is even better. The ambience was great. The service is even more better. The average bill price came upto 2100 for 2 people with drinks. Though sahib sindh sultan is on a costlier side you will have to really feel the experience once at your life time at sahib sindh sultan. Try it once and check whether i am telling the truth or not. Cheers...

  8. Shifali

    Just today I visited this Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant along with 2 of my colleagues. 2 days ago we were planning to visit any good fine dine restaurant. I was searching in web and when I heard about the train kind of dining I was very much interested to visit this place. I enquired all the details in a online food portal called Hungry Bangalore. That was really a useful information and I reserved the table over there through them itself. When we were in Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant I was really shocked by the ambeience such a great creativity. I have no words to describe like how I felt when I saw the train and people dining inside them. Totally it was a new experience. Coming to the food , we had naan , Butter Kulchas with kadai chicken and in starters chicken lollipop. Both veg as well as non veg dishes tasted good. Finally we all had gajar halwa which was yummy. Even their pricing was also not very high , an average person can afford it twice or thrice a month. An average meal may cost you about 600 in Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant.

  9. Sandeep

    I went to this sahib sindh sulthan with my friends for dinner, without any reservations, we were lucky to get a table for 8 around 9 pm. It was great too feel when me and my friends visited this Sahib sindh sulthan, We had very nice experience and we ordered for non veg starters and some gravies and biryanis. I was really impressed they were fast to serve, the food was great. Things I liked about them are- delicious food, fast service, innovative decoration, the place is very accessable and the price is reasonable. Their naans varieties are good, and starters are a tad expensive than the quantity served. The main course was quite good and sumptuous. And in main course the mutton Biryani is pretty good, their main course dishes pale slightly in comparision with their starters counterparts though. And the chicken masala was very tasty. It’s a good north Indian restaurant, and the menu here is a lengthy list and you have plenty of choice to make and finally the taste is awesome. Ambience wise, it is very good and the place was pretty good. The food is good, the quality and the quantity were perfect. And this Sahib sindh sulthan is really perfect for north Indian cuisine. Their starters are tasty and quite wholesome. In fact, one might even be finished with the food with just the starters. Overall, a very satisfied experience.

  10. Rohit

    The best place in bangalore to dine. The place is on the expensive side, but worth the money. Food is North Indian style, the chefs definitely are North Indian and know their stuff. Food is yummy. The ambience is great especially if you're inside the coaches (the restaurant is modelled on the first train from Mumbai to Thane) A must go if you are taking your better half or parents etc for a party. Try the kebabs. Cant stop praising the food quality and the overall experience. Plus the location is a plus. No hassles getting to Forum anytime. But beware, because its a great place you sometime need to do a booking !! I would rate it numero uno place to eat in Bengalooru for sure

  11. Swati

    Samarkhand is the numero uno north indian pure fine dine style restaurant in bangalore. Im lucky that I had a table booked here else this was going to be a shere embarrassment for us and nothing short of that coz there was quite a long waiting que. I dont think eastern part of bangalore has another restaurant of this kind, and being Infantary road it makes things quite convenient. Food was very nice here and we really enjoyed ourselves very moment of it. Only thing was that by end of our eating the table was wrapped up too soon as if to say bbye. Overall we really enjoyed our evening at Samarkhand. And look forwad to going there soon.

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