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Beijing Bites is an excellant value for money restaurant, it prides itself on being a New age Chinese and Thai cuisine restaurant. Due to its simple and yet a pleasing decor, good food and excellant service Beijing Bites is extremely popular among the young crowd.

It is one of the largest chain restaurant in Bangalore and you would find a Beijing Bites in almost every locality, malls and in tech parks. While the food at Beijing Bites is yummy, it is also easy on the pockets. If you happen to be a chinese food lover then Beijing Bites is a must visit!

Beijing Bites reviews

  1. Piyali says:

    Beijing bites is the undoubtedly the largest and the most popular chinese and thai restaurant chain in Bangalore. With more than 20 outlets it covers almost the entire bangalore for home delivery.

    Beijing bites indeed brings the true spirits of China and Thailand together under one roof, Beijing bites brings the modernized way of relishing on chinese and thai delicacies. Inbetween the tech savvy bangalore there exist true food lovers who needs to soothe their tongue with every new taste possible, And this is exactly what beijing bites will give to you. Located in between all the busy places of the city Beijing Bites have built their own empire by serving elegant food.

    Simplicity in the ambiance with classic black and brown interiors with a few pleasant wall paintings, Black comfortable couches and chinese umbrellas around the corners Beijing bites gives you a fine dining experience with not much heat on you vallet. An average meal for two at Beijing bites costs around Rs.200, it is probably the most economical fine dine experience which one will get.

  2. The huge menu has something for everyone, there are a number of options for both the vegetarians and the non vegetarians. The mushroom pepper salt and honey spiced potato are one of the most popular vegetarian starters at Beijing Bites. The non vegetarians should try the Thai fried chicken. For the main course you could choose any noodles or chopsuey. Ginger chicken is yummy and is surely worth a try. The service at Beijing Bites is fast and the waiters are quite polite and helpful. The chefs at Beijing Bites take emmense care to prepare food as per the customers liking, the overall feel of dining at Beijing bites is very satisfying. The home delivery service is also very fast and usually the food is delivered within 45 minutes (which is almost a rare occurence for other restaurants). One drawback or rather a feature missing of Beijing bites is that it doesnt have buffet. A buffet option will surely complete the offering at Beijing Bites.

  3. Chaks says:

    We are very lucky to have yummy Chinese and thai food in India. To talk about Beijing Bites. It is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Bangalore. Beijing Bites has got their outlet almost everywhere in Bangalore. It has got good looking red color settings, with comfortable chairs and friendly staff. Although they have less choice for vegetarian, they serve both veg and non-veg. They have some Indian twist in their food which I love the most about them. Whenever I feel like having Chinese food, Beijing Bites is the first name that comes to the mind. There are soo many outlets in Bangalore that no matter where you go, you would surely find a Beijing Bites outlet.

  4. In my home everyone loves Chinese and Thai food. So whenever everyone gets sometime from work and study we love to visit Beijing Bites. We recently visited the Beijing Bites jeevan beema nagar outlet, which is the nearest outlet for us. The complete address of this Beijing Bites is 473,10th Main, HAL 3rd Stage, Jeevan Bema Nagar Main Road, Bangalore. We went their at around 7:30, all of us really enjoyed the food and environment in Beijing Bites.

    Although I visit the Beijing Bites outlet close to my place the most, I have also visited their other outlets and there is a stark similarity with the food and the ambiance. I will let you know what is my favorite in Beijing Bites:

  5. starters:

    It is one of my favorite starter in Beijing Bites. This is a fried spring roll which is really crispy and well cooked. It has minced chicken, onion and other stuffing deep fried to give it an amazing taste. This is a must try dish for starter in Beijing Bites which you will easily get in any of Beijing Bites outlet. If you don`t like fried stuffed and would like to go for steamed starter they have got the best momos ( both in veg and non veg). I haven`t tried yet but I think they do have veg spring roll as well for vegetarians.

  6. Roast Chicken with Vegetables:

    Roast chicken with vegetable ( yum) this is also a mouth watering starter at Beijing Bites. In your plate you will get the yummy roast chicken garnished with vegetables such as broccoli, potato, cauliflower etc. It looks very healthy and is really tasty. In this dish, it has got Indian taste if you ask them to make little spicier. Roast chicken with vegetables is even better when the weather is cold and with sip of wine (:p)( unfortunately Beijing Bites don`t serve alcohol).

  7. Main course:

    chop suey:

    For main course I always love to have chopsuey. I am not too sure if it is American or Chinese chopsuey ( they have choice of American or Chinese, which I don`t understand so I ask them in my language chicken chopsuey) the chicken chopsuey is really good in here. Which is with egg, chicken, garlic, ginger, and some stir fry vegetable with oyster sauce. When I get this on my table I really don`t like to share with anyone else!

  8. Salad and others:

    I never like to taste salad but they do have some good looking salads ( which I always can see in neighbor`s table).

  9. Dessert:

    Whenever I am in Beijing Bites I order icecream with lychee. This is my all time favorite dessert in Beijing Bites.

  10. Overall:

    Beijing Bites is a very good place to visit for all Chinese and Thai food lovers. They have home delivery facilities and the prices are quite reasonable. Other than that you can expect fresh food even in the delivery.

    Overall you will love the food, ambience and environment in Beijing Bites. I always avoid the Thai food which I think is usually cooked with coconut milk. And I don`t like food tasting like coconut. I will give them 4 star out of 5.........cheers!!!

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