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Barbeque Nation serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian cuisine.

Barbeque Nation is the first restaurant in India which brings the concept of live grill. Customers can enjoy unlimited starters while also enjoying the process of grilling the dishes. Each table is fitted with a grill and the staff ensures that the grill is never empty! Barbeque Nation is one of the very few restaurants which offer only buffets. Apart from unlimited vegetarian and non vegetarian starters, a sumptous main course with salads, soups and desserts are available. There is also a great variety of liquor available to go along the yummy starters. Barbeque Nation is one restaurant which is a must visit for any foodie!

Operational timings at Barbeque Nation
12:00 PM to 03:00 PM and 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Barbeque Nation restaurant reviews

  1. Piyali says:

    Barbeque nation is the greatest exponent of the Live Grill concept in India. Started in 2006 they have over the years become one of the finest places to dine in across the country. Testimonial to this fact is the phenomenal growth of this chain across India in last 3yrs, today Barbeque nation boost of 18 properties nationally and counting.

    Starting with important amenities like valet parking to a comfortable waiting lounges (which is a must have especially during weekends) all Barbeque nations boost of very congenial ambience. As soon as you get your table you are then welcomed with a welcome drink of your choice whether it be alcoholic or non alcoholic. All this is good but that is not what you go to a Barbeque nation for. You go to a Barbeque nation for the moment when finally the live grill is opened up in the middle of your table. And that's where Barbeque nation differentiates its self from all the rest. Making your own personal grill is an experience not very common in India, and it's this feature that sets Barbeque nation a league apart from the rest. Depending on the kind of package you have taken you get a choice of 3 or 5 varieties of starters for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Non vegetarians get chicken, mutton, prawns etc and vegetarians get paneer, mixed vegetables, baby corn etc. These are semi grilled and served to you for you to give the finishing touches to the grilling process. While at it you get to apply varieties of spices and sauces to garnish your barbeque. Even the most uninterested of foodies give this process a try. And for teams/groups visiting this place together it serves as a great ice breaker. Best part is that you can go on with the starters for however long you would want to and it will keep getting replenished at your table. Then once everyone is done with the starters all you need to do is to lower your flag kept on your table indicating that you do not need any more starters on the table.

  2. Then you launch yourself to the main course, and oh boy is not that a handful to manage. The spread is generally so vast and varied that a good hard sniff of it would fill your stomach. Starting from soups and salads to the main course the spread is quite exhaustive and the trick here is to be very selective in your food selection in case you are are not a tanker else you shall not be able to do justice to all. Special attraction is the Veg and Non Veg biryani which is generally very sumptuous. And then once you have battled through all this comes the final frontier, the dessert. And again just like the previous two (starter and main course) this section too requires very high quality of selectivity. And then oh boy, all you feel is good about live. This place is not exactly very easy on the pocket, but then the quality and quantity of the food along with the overall experience at the end of the day makes it feel worth it. We strongly recommend that you do not keep any meeting, conferences post a trip to Barbeque nation as you wouldn't want to caught napping in one of them.

  3. We all know that the art of grilling your own food on a fire place and eating it is the oldest form of eating dating back to the stone ages, I mean that's how the human race learned to have its food. Now taking that concept and making it such a happening thing takes some doing. And kudos to the Barbeque nation team for picking up this ancient concept and perfecting it in this modern era.

    Just Eat is proud to bring this unique concept of your world on a grill accessible and available for you at a click on mouse. Book your table online at your nearest Barbeque nation now and go experience the oldest form of eating using the latest form of convenience.

  4. Aashish says:

    Barbeque Nation brings the globe under one roof with flavors and savories from distant places cooked to perfection. Barbeque Nation gives the crowd the most adventurous dining experience, abundance in choice and the fact that they have customized a live grill on every table. The decor takes you back time to the early European countries. The variety of starters and main course is rotated every day. They offer starters which are delectable and served as much as you can feast on and the best is what you get after the appetizers but, ensure you do not fill your tummy with just starters because the main course served is just fabulous!

    The package of 500 plus is worth every penny as the 3 course food they serve is scrumptious and is backed with excellent service, you can also look forward to a luscious dessert after the meal. This place is spot on for family gathering, Team dinners and special occasions as the management believes in satisfying the guest in the best possible way All arrangements can be customized by the guest which will be followed exactly by the management. With exclusivity given to individual perception you are sure to take fond memories from Barbeque Nation. Barbeque Nation is destined to be a conqueror with success in 14 cities across India and growing. If you are explorer of tastes and do not want to just eat but have an experience of sublimity Barbeque Nation is the place to be!

  5. Shashank Mathur says:

    I had been to Barbeque nation in Bangalore while I was working there. I shifted to Mumbai sometime back and my work requires me to travel to Delhi/ Gurgaon quite frequently. Being a big fan of Barbeque Nation, I was looking forward to visit the restaurant in these cities. The experience at Barbeque Nation both in Mumbai and Gurgaon was very consistent! The service is smooth and the kebabs are as succlent as it can get. I have been to the outlet with family, friends, clients and it has been equally loved by one and all! The experience of the live grill makes the food yummier. Apart from the amazing starters the main course is also very good. To top it all there are a number of options in desserts as well, my personal favorite being the small gulab jamuns. Overall a must visit for all who live to eat. I can personally vouch for the Barbeque Nation in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon... go eat!

  6. Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri, New Delhi: Restaurant Profile

    Barbeque Nation is promoted by Sayaji Hotels Ltd is famous for bringing the concept and unique dining experience of a live grill to the customers table, allowing him/ her to grill and enjoy dishes. The grills are embedded in each table making the customer experience a cooking that has his / her contribution from basting the food with favourite marinade and giving it their own finishing touch. The decor at Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri like elsewhere is modelled after a European country dining experience with lot of wood and exposed brick walls. The dining area exuberates friendly warmth, is pleasantly aromatic with the various grills in action and is spacious with both sofa and chair options at the tables.

  7. The restaurant offers live vegetarian and non-vegetarian Barbeque starters in unlimited helpings, a main course buffet, soups, salads, desserts and a great variety of liquors. We take pride in having fully satisfied patrons and will serve you non-stop with the exquisite cuisine of Mediterranean, American, Oriental, South East Asian and Indian origin until you instruct us to stop. The idea is that after entering the restaurant you can engage more time in conversations and enjoying food and less in ordering and keeping track of orders. Barbeque Nations daily menu consists of 5 vegetarian, 5 non-vegetarian starters,1 vegetarian and 1 non-vegetarian soup, 4 non-vegetarian, 6 vegetarian dishes in the main course with roti & naan, 3 non-vegetarian, 5 vegetarian salads & 7 desserts. Since the variety in the starters and the main course is rotated everyday and if you have any favourite dishes that you must absolutely have; we would encourage you to call us up to avoid disappointments.

  8. Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri, New Delhi: Restaurant Reviews

    Parul Chaudhuri: What a place!!! Great!!! Superb!!! I had heard so much about Barbeque Nation at Janakpuri from my friends and finally went there with my bf. What a good concept. I wonder why the no other restaurants are following it. Anyways we reached the place at about 7 as my bf wanted to have a few drinks. There was a good queue outside and it was only by 7.40 that we could manage to get in. But the wait was worth it. We seated on a comfy table and in abt some time the servers started coming with starters. My bf had opted for drinks while I decided to try out the soup on menu. But it was the starters that knocked us down. Absolute delight they were!! We ate till we though our stomachs would explode. When we stopped starters and started on the main course we didn't have any more space to continue. And surprise surprise!!! There came amazingly yummy desserts at the end. If i knew this was what the whole esperience was going to be, i would probably had skipped lunch he Would be certainly going there shortly.

  9. Aman Chadha:

    We drove to the Barbeque Nation from Dwarka as I had heard so much it from my friends. The place at Janakpuri was slightly difficult to find but got good directions on the way and reached there by about 8. We had booked out table in advance through JustEat and felt happy at being ushered inside in front of so many people who were waiting outside. Never new that the two clicks on JustEat would make that great a difference. After the welcome drinks me and wife waited for the starters. And boy when it was served in batches and when it reached our mouth, it was a heavenly experience. And just as we would finish new arrivals would come. The whole concept is awesome. I think we ate too much of the starters and didn't had much space for the main course. We had small helpings from the dishes of the day and even they tasted divine. And what to tell about the desserts. Best tha boss. Total paisa wasool. Great going BBN.

  10. Gayatri Sharma:

    Total hype and nothing else! Went there on a Friday night and had to wait for an hour to get inside. We didn't go back the friend who had recommended insisted that the wait will be worth it. We went inside and were served welcome drinks. The staffs were courteous and explained us the items on the menu and as the veg starters came, to my disappointment they were pretty lame stuff. I have eaten better Indian starters in Punjabi dhabha's. Havn't had too much experience about many of the mediterannean stuff which the waiter brought us, but tasted slightly bland. Anyways i prefer having food at my table in clean plates in ready made fashion and this concept of mulling over it didn't bring any speciality to the whole experience. We proceeded to the main course and i think the offerings there were better. But i must agree that the desserts and sweet dishes that came in the end were the best i had in a very long time in a restaurant. I would definitely go there again for the deserts but may be not for the barbeques.

  11. Ranjeet Verma:

    Hello people...go to Barbeque Nation only if you are fan of non veg food. For them maybe its the best place in town. But for vegatarians whatever served is pretty okish only. I have been trying to cut down non veg from my diet and thought this place could offer good vegetarian fare satisfying the tounge, belly and mind. I was wrong, a few bites of the vegetarian and non vegetarian starters convinced me to stay on the non-vegetarian side of things for the whole evening. Not a bad idea as whatever Barbeque Nation had to offer was very good indeed. Me, wife and kids enjoyed the whole of the evening and such concepts will find more popularity.