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The one-stop-shop for anything to do with Biryanis or Chinese cuisine! Foodie, true to its literal meaning, is the ultimate place when it comes to satiating your hunger pangs. A rare combination of all types of biryanis plus all types of Chinese dishes plus a variety of rolls; that too all at one place - there's Foodie for you! Serving some extremely appetizing fare, Foodie is a very popular Chinese and North Indian restaurant in Bangalore.

Having become a well-frequented restaurant over all this time, Foodie now has two outlets in the city - one in Kadugodi and the other in Whitefield. Love the sound of egg chicken kathi rolls and Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani, or paneer manchurian and momos? Hurry to Foodie now! You may also order food online on JustEat from Foodie and await a food delivery at your doorstep.

Operational timings at Foodie
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04:00 PM to 10:30 PM
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Rs. 200
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Foodie Bangalore reviews

  1. Ritika:

    It's difficult to pinpoint or point out any specific restaurant in Bangalore which is very good because there is such a huge number of places here that one cannot possibly try out all and proclaim that yes, here is the best restaurant for so & so. However, if not the best, then surely one of the very best restaurants in Bangalore when it comes to Chinese food is Foodie in Whitefield. Foodie has a loooong list of items on its menu but frankly speaking I go there only for the Chinese food. What do I order? Well, I generally go for the Foodie non-vegetarian mixed noodles accompanied with chilli chicken with gravy and oh yeah, before I forget, I take from the Foodie menu chicken lollipop as starters. Guess what, the starter itself at Foodie costs me just 50 bucks and it's so damn tasty!!! Yum!

    The ambience of Foodie gives a really nice first (and even last) impression. What I actually feel not only about Foodie as a Chinese restaurant but also about all Chinese restaurants in general is that they serve more of a Chindian rather than purely Chinese cuisine. And you know what, it actually suits the Indian palate very well! That's why restaurants like Foodie are so popular in Bangalore and elsewhere. Keep it up guys.

  2. Saurav Shahi:

    Hailed by many as one of the most sought-after eateries in Whitefield, what actually left me impressed was the way Foodie treats its customers. We're made to feel really welcome and totally at home by the Foodie staff. Also what would impress you about Foodie would be their chicken kathi roll, dum biryani, mushroom fried rice and gobi manchurian. The only slightly bad part was that the vegetarian steamed momos that we had ordered on one of our visits at the Foodie turned out to be a bit uncooked from the inside and so we had to send it back. But no worries - the Foodie waiters replaced it in a jiffy with a plate of perfectly cooked melt-in-the-mouth momos. So that was that. Overall, Foodie is a nice place to go to for a meal.

  3. Mushtaq:

    Had heard about Foodie from a colleague who told me that though Foodie wasn't a real authentic biryani place but still it served the best biryanis in town. I visited Foodie on his recommendation and found their biryanis to be okay okay but no great shakes; they were fairly good. But I almost fell head over heels in love with their chilli chicken! Foodie people, let me tell you, your chilli chicken is outta dis whole, wide world.

    While leafing through the Foodie menu for the first time, I suddenly for a moment felt at a loss for what to order and what to pass by. But I had instantly set my heart on the chilli chicken the moment I saw it coz am a super-big fan of the dish. And before you finish this Foodie delight, you'll be craving for more - I can bet on that.

    A refreshing surprise from the usual humdrum of restaurants - Thanks, Foodie! You've just made Bangalore's food scene more lively and better. I'll surely be coming back to the Foodie - and not just for the chilly chicken.

  4. Me_smartie:

    I was looking for biryani for a frnz get-together at home and went into partial temporary shock when I realised that my usual biryani joint was shut down for the day, for no apparent reason. It was then that one of my friends turned saviours and suggested Foodie in Kadugodi itself, from where we could order online on justeat. And here I am, ‘coz I ordered and am very happy with your service. The Foodie biryani reached me in time, infact much before time! And when we were examining the menu of Foodie while choosing what to order, we just couldn't resist ordering some Foodie egg rolls too! Full of flavours, high on taste. Foodie rocks.

  5. Suyash:

    Foodie is nice esp. becoz of its veg paneer roll. Foodie ka mushroom roll is also okay types.

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