The ill effects of Junk Food

Know the ill effects of junk food on our health
The ill effects of Junk Food
The ill effects of junk food on our health

The phrase junk food itself gives us an idea about how unimportant it is to our body.
Junk foods are deemed to be trash foods as they are high in fat and sugar components regardless of how they are labeled by manufacturers or how cleverly marketed.
Majority of junk food choices do not deliver beneficial nutritional values, but you could actually integrate a few junk foods in your diet with an assurance that it is of moderate amount.

Teenagers comprise the higher bulk of junk food fanatics with a lifestyle of munching in chips, fries, pizzas, burgers, samosas, kachoris,ice cream,chocolates,shakes and other snack foods.

The term junk food usually brings into mind a picture of american snacks,but Indian cusine has a whole lot variety of junk food than we acknowledge!

Regardless of age, the effect of junk food on health settles is usually bad, especially if it is eaten in high quantities.

You will end up easily getting exhausted by being a junk food fanatic. Because it doesn't balance the appropriate levels of energy you ought to have, not just that ,you will have tendencies of craving for more food when you eat junk.

The various ill effects of junk food are as follows:
  • It is a fact well known that junk foods cause obesity.
  • Lack of energy: Junk foods do not contain any nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. In most cases, these foods are filled with harmful carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol that do not provide much useful energy.
  • You will experience lack of oxygen that eventually result in poor brain functioning.
  • In the long run, heart cannot function as it should because of too much cholesterol absorbed in the body, as an effect of junk food on health.

If there's too much plaque in the arteries, heart has to assert more effort in pumping blood which may cause you to be in fatigue.
  • The excess amount of cholesterol in your body can destroy the liver as well.
  • Most of those who are junk food eaters are likely to get diabetic at any point in their life because of the high presence of sugar in body.
  • High blood pressure due to great amount of sodium from junk foods can also occur.
  • You would also fall prey to mood swings.
  • There would also be constipation problems.
  • Junk foods also cause damage to the pancreas resulting in insulin-dependant diabetes mellitus (IDDM).
  • Junk food contains high amount of oil and fat. As a result, human body finds this food difficult to digest and needs to spend high amount of blood and enzymes. When a person consumes junk food in excess, a major portion of blood in the body is diverted to the intestine. As a result, the person feels drowsy and suffers with reduced concentration.
  • Because of the various reasons mentioned above it is adviced to substitute junk food with some healthier options like fruits and vegetables.