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Ammi's biriyani is the only place which serves traditional Muslim biriyani in Bangalore.Cooking of biriyani is an art and the expert chefs of this place have tried to recreate it with the same precise perfection.

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11:00 AM to 10:30 PM
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Rs. 150
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Ammis Biryani reviews

  1. Soumya says:

    We eat out every weekend, that's one day when my kitchen is closed and all the food joints become a must visit. So last sunday we thought of trying something spicy, aromatic,hot non veg and this led us to the doorsteps of Ammi's biriyani. The moment we entered, the aroma of different spices and special ingredients straight from the kitchen floated across the halls to increase our appetite. As the name of the restaurant suggests they are specialised mainly in biriyani.The recipe is authentic, fresh, hot and mouth wateringly good. The staffs are helpful, informative and the service is also prompt. Its a small restaurant and they have kept the place clean and tidy and hygienic and it has quite a decent ambiance.

  2. We had ordered for a ghosht biriyani and ghosht kabab. The staff at Ammi's biriyani only helped us to choose the dishes from their menu card. In ghosht kabab they give around 10 to 12 pieces (which I feel is quite good in number) of tender lamb marinated with special ammis red masala and then fried in tawa. This starter has become my personal favourite now. The chicken lovers dont get disheartened as they have murgh kabab both boneless and with bones. The ghosht biriyani is made out of zeera rice with 2pieces of lamb packed along with raitha and curry. We even liked the presentation of the biriyani. They have a family pack as well which serves around 3 to 4 people easily. There are lot of options in the menu card to choose from like sabji biriyani, anda biriyani, murgh biryani and each one of them has a normal pack and a family pack. So if there is any party or get together at your place then you can order the family packs accordingly.

  3. Well..I even saw one large bill board of Ammi's biriyani which says they do home delivery also. In fact one of my friends had ordered from there and he said that they deliver on time and their service is quite prompt and quick. Their packing is too good and they ensure that the food should be hot by the time it reaches ur doorsteps.

    Overall I would say we had a great experience and we would love to head back there again because it serves without doubt the best biriyani in Bangalore.

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